Adult Hurling League 1 (AHL1) 2017


Thats very disappointing to have a team at that level giving a walkover. I have no doubt at all that Cuala have a valid reason for it.


With respect, no division 1 player should be playing anything other than Senior championship, i think thats actualkly part of the problem


I presume they’ll have no trouble fielding tomorrow evening?


Congrats, I remember playing you guys back in Division 9. Amazing achievement to get to Division 1, we have managed to get to Division 4 (Maurs) ALways loved/hated playing you lads, could always go either way


I remember the games great achievement with your under age teams you will continue to rise up the league’s


Presume so. Might struggle against Brigids though!


Craobh v Cuala is refixed for 16th August. This had been agreed with the county board last week apparently.


Someone owes Craobh and the ref a major apology so!




Any reason why it wasn’t played firstly mick?


Apparently due to lack of lads available due to the clash with intermediate championship and the inter county lads.


And the Chairman who was put there too!!!


Surely then it’s play or concede, if that’s the case teams be looking for there games off every week. Heard the chairman and all was up in CC pitch to watch the game that the game was never called off. Sounds like a dodgy one Cuala looking to pull a fast one by the looks of it


Is there any official process when it comes to this kind of thing. I mean surely there has to be comms from cuala to the DCB stating the reasons for the change of fixture and then a reply from county board to both clubs with the decision. Should really be as simple as that.

I’d have my doubts that a lack of lads available is grounds for a refix too


At juvenile level only the chairperson can call of a game. And only in what are described as “exceptional” circumstances. The chairperson himself would then contact the opposition and the referee to ensure all is above board and there have been no misunderstandings. That’s the process at adult too I’d imagine. Someone appears to have dropped the ball. It happens.

Having enough players is not an exceptional circumstance. It’s a walkover.


Seems very strange alright. I do think Cuala were in an impossible position with so many lads tied with Dublin and the IHC game at the same time as the AHL 1 game. I can’t understand how CCC got this so wrong. It would be interesting to know why the game has been refixed as by rule it would appear to be a Walk Over.


I thought that was the rule meself Alan be interesting now to see what happens, I’m sure other clubs will try do the same thing now if Cuala get away with it


It’s a dangerous precedent to set if indeed it has been set.


Seen on St. Brigids facebook: score was St. Brigids 0-22 Cuala 0-19, Russell Park


Was that game played tonight ?