Adult Hurling League 5 (AHL5) 2018



Ballinteer St Johns
Clanna Gael Fontenoy
Good Counsel
Lucan Sarsfields
Na Fianna
Realt Dearg
Skerries Harps
St Oliver Plunketts ER
Whitehall Colmcille


Skerries Harps - Clanna Gael Fontenoy

Realt Dearg - Good Counsel

Cuala - Lucan Sarsfields

Crumlin - Na Fianna

Faughs - Ballinteer St Johns

St Oliver Plunketts ER - Whitehall Colmcille


“Drimnagh” Derby :crazy_face:


Harps 2-12 Clanna Gael 2-12


Crumlin 0-0000000009 Na Fianna 1-10, I’d be surprised if Na Fianna win another match this year!


Faughs 2-09 BSJ 4-19


Drimnagh derby …honourso even


Plunketts Lost to Whitehall 1-14 to 2-14.


Clann Na Geal 1-09 vs Plunketts 2-23 - Played tonight in Ringsend under lights.


BSJ beat Crumlin by 7/8 I think… edit… Add 3 to that, they got a goal at the end!


Counsel v Skerries was a draw


Crumlin 0-12 Whitehall 0-11 in a 13 a side thriller… Ref was shocking to put it mildly. Think that’s the first game I’ve played on a bank holiday weekend in years!


Skerries 2-19 Lucan Sarsfields 2-11


Faughs 1-07 Crumlin 1-17 in high wet grass! (13 a side)


Plunketts 0-15 Counsel Gael 1-8

In what can only be described as a meadow. Grass up over lads ankles in some places. Match played in Liffey Gaels pitch and nearly sure I heard someone on there line say that the game was the first match or training session that’s been on it all year as it was wrecked by a car in the winter. Supposedly grass was supposed to be cut but never happened. Hence the very low scoring game very hard for lads to rise the ball.


BSJ 3-21 Realt Dearg 1-4


That’s a heavy beating for Realt, has the Realt journey finally started to slow. They made some progress the past 5-years.


SOPER beat Crumlin by 6… Enjoyable game,
draw at ht, Crumlin with a few wides in the first needed to be up by about 3/4 as the Plunketts lads were dying, second half Crumlin went cold in the final 15 and Plunketts kicked on and were consistant from start to finish, poor ref and a bit of dirt from both teams who wanted to win.


Agreed was a great game of hurling with some great skill shown from both teams also helped by a great evening for it. Agree with the ref he likes to ref from between the two 70’s and only move when he has to give a free in.


Crumlin 0-08 Cuala 1-21… A fair reflection of the difference between the sides…

Yet again a very poor ref… Lads this the third game in a row I’ve given out about it. Across the league a lot of people put in a lot of work and like a competitive enjoyable game win lose or draw, it’s such a shame that more than a few referees consist of people who show up for their 40 quid and hang around the half way line for 90% of a match and occasionally walk to the 45, for an hour.