Adult Hurling League 5 (AHL5) 2018


Plunketts 2-09 Lucan 0-15. Good game draw probably fair result both teams had chances to win it at the end but same as yourself superhurler ref ruined what could of been an outstanding game. Some of the calls he made were outrageous particularly one for a penalty awarded to Lucan where our full back had one had in the air trying to catch the ball and his other on his hurl down by his side but ref somehow aid our full back had wrapped his arms around the FF and fouled him :confused: He was bad for both sides but would have to wonder to ones self are these lads ever assessed?? cause this ref in particular isn’t the first time I’ve seen him ref and give a shocking display.


Realt Dearg beat Crumlin in an undeserved victory, they didn’t deserve to draw or lose either, game was that brutal and slow.

Have to be honest on a personal level, results aside, the enjoyment factor has dropped to zero and I’d say that’s my lot for the year, best of luck lads and lassie’s.


Ref blowing the whistle too much again for you?


BSJ 1-20 Counsel 1-15

I heard Cuala v Plunkets finished level


Plunketts 1-15 vs Cuala 1-15

Great game played in great spirits some hard hitting from both sides. Plunketts Line had themselves one up at the end but ref said it was a draw which was prob a fair result.


Just so I follow your logic here, RD won in an undeserved victory, despite winning by 9 points, even allowing for 2 soft Crumlin goals. But they also didnt deserve to draw the game nor lose it either.
If you dont deserve to win, lose or draw a game, should the GAA now resort to handing out participation medals before games and instead of actually making it a competition, everyone sit in the center of the pitch and braid each others hair ?

Your post is very patronizing, I was at the game and RD won this at a cantor and stopped hurling for the last 15 mins. Fair enough if you are not enjoying hurling and didnt enjoy the match, but those whatever the opposite of rose tinted glasses you are viewing this match through, shouldnt detract from a 1-20 to 2-8 comfortable RD win.

RD up to 5th, with 2 games in hand so could still be there in the shakeout of this league later in the year hopefully.


Just the usual superhurler post we’ve come to expect unfortunately