Adult Hurling League 7 (AHL7) 2019


Na Gaeil Óga
Naomh Barrog
Round Towers ©
Round Towers (L)
St Brendans
St Brigids
St Josephs OCB
St Judes
St Maurs
St Patricks (D)
Trinity Gaels
Wild Geese


Where are St Joseph’s OCB drawing their players from? Hardly local lads as they have no underage? Do they play in Fairview Pk?


Na gael oga for me


Everywhere. 20 odd transfers to them in 2017. A lot of clare lads. Loads from others areas of munster.


they have some fine players wherever they get them from!


We beat them well last year in league. But they were missing their best player. And beat us in the champo a week later.


2 and 2 normally makes 4!!


They have 3 Antrim players I seen in a recent post on their fb page.


Are div 7 fixtures out yet?