Adult Hurling League 9 (AHL9) 2018


Cuala beat Civil Service and Scoil had a massive win over Isles. As an aside I’m certain this is a 13 aside league, only 15 aside by agreement.


15 a side league
But you can play 13 side pal

Looks like between scoil and cuala

  1. All leagues shall be 15 aside. If a team is unable to field 15 players, 13 or 14 a side may be
    played, with both teams playing the same number of players (13v.13 or 14v.14) in the following
    leagues: AHL5 or lower, MHL3 or lower, or in any adult hurling cup competition. Where a game goes
    ahead with either 13 or 14 a side, up to 20 players may be used by the team with the greater number of
    players present.




Wild geese beat realt dearg


Scoil destroyed Isles


Cuala beat Na Fianna by 6 or 7 this morning, anyone know how the Scoil / St. Pats game went?


I think pats were playing isles in the championship yesterday


Cheers, they were down for league and championship yesterday, I’d say the championship game went ahead.


Yes Pats hammered Isles in the championship on Sunday


Wild geese 4-11. Clontarf 1-7


Cuala beat Good Counsel this evening by 3 or 4 points. I’ll try to find out the score.


Pats beat realt dearg well


Good Counsel 1-09 Cuala 2-10.


Cuala domination continues.


A good game by all accounts between two well matched teams, Counsel had no subs and apparently the lads we were able to bring on made the difference, level at half time.


While Counsel Gaels have lost a few games the margin of their defeats are small. Good to see an amalgamation team working out. They seem to be setting up well for next season (if they stick together).


100%, they have 4 defeats, 3 of them to the 3 undefeated teams in the division by a combined total of 7 points.


Pats beat Clontarf by about 9


Any results in from tonight
Be interseting to see hows pats and cuala got on