AFL Recruitment


More and more of the best ladies footballers heading to Oz to play AFL. Every week there seems to be another one signing up . We don’t seem to be losing too many here in Dublin however I’m hearing there’s an AFL trial camp shortly to try unearth more players . I think it’s fantastic and given the season set up they still get to come home and play some club/county , well for championship anyways.


They can’t be on a lot of money down there, can they?


Hard to imagine them earning big bucks, from the players I’ve seen going over they seem to be all signing just one season contracts .


Looks like about 8-20k
which is about 5-12k in euro so nothing special. Thought it would be more to be honest.

Would only be 2/3 sessions a week mind you but would definitely need another source of income…


i read somewhere that Cora Staunton got a double leg break in Oz. I wonder if they were waiting for ther this time round.


Most players who were there this year have signed again for next year. A number of new players going over also.

League is being extended next year with more teams and longer running time so I’d expect a few more Irish girls to sign up over coming months.


I m sure accommodation and other expenses are covered outside of the playing salary?