AI Qualifier Rd1, Cork v Dublin, Páirc Uí Rinn, Sat July 2nd @ 7pm


Outside Danny and Durkin I’d completely disagree.


But the point is they are not there or playing because of him! As is Cronin, Joey Boland, Keaney etc.
They’d have been better than some listed and used tonight, even as experienced leaders.
This will be a long trip back up the road.
By the way ranger your comments were disgraceful earlier about crummy. You would well to say it to the kids face!


So where do we go from here ?

Personally I don’t think Cunningham is all at fault as some of the players are great lads when winning by 6/7 points against poor sides but when in a close battle they don’t seem to be able to get over the line and some lack the basics to really perform at the top level consistently.
But then Cunningham hasn’t progressed this group on in his two years and hasn’t made them any better. I don’t blame him for his squad selections and his subs even though tonight and the last day he made some bizarre calls on the line but he’s going on who’s going well in training etc that we all don’t see but I think his time has come now and it’s time to part our ways.
At the end of the day he hasn’t made us better and hopefully we can get someone else in who can but I don’t think it’s as easy as that and the only man who can imo is Sheedy.


The sending off was probably the single biggest contributory factor in our losing that game. And no matter who it was there is still no denying that it was stupid. The Cork player was on the touchline and should simply have been shepherded along the line or backwards. Even a perfect challenge that resulted in the Cork player going down like a sack of spuds would have been risky with the vociferous home crowd baying for blood. Given that he was on a yellow already his tackle was indefensible. But almost as bad was Plunkett’s inability to strike off his strong side while on the run for a point that could have sent the game into extra time where we would have been back up to 15 men and would have had the momentum. A jinx to the right, shorten the grip and stroke over the bar. Look at the point Lehane got not too long before that off his left side while surrounded by defenders. Schutte missing 2 easy point chances also didn’t help. Still people here seem quite keen to bury Cunningham. Our forwards as a unit are not good enough - that is the simple truth.


Agree that some players are not performing against the better teams and do look outstanding against weaker teams. Don’t agree with slating individuals on a forum so won’t be mentioning names but its obvious where the gaps are. Think Cunningham has brought them as far as he can. Needs to be an overhaul with players and management alike to try and rebuild and return stronger. Hopefully the Minors and U-21’s progress to the latter stages and we can begin building off their success/progress. It will take time though and we need to be patient. Change is needed though in my opinion.


Disgrace ? Please continue .
It was a brain dead tackle when on a yellow. You won’t see any journalist in the papers say any different . So stop talking rubbish you buffoon


Does anyone know if Dotsy is injured. The report on seems to imply otherwise.


I don’t think we’ve regressed since Dalys last year but we haven’t improved . He’d be best going because of the rancour . Some former players again tweeting again tonight . Beggars belief really but I hope a new manager continues the rebuilding process and invests in the good players coming through
Two years from now we will be in a better place . I couldn’t understand why he started madden but I’m glad he started Bennett . Previous manager wouldn’t
But he can’t legislate fur playing with 14 men for 45 minutes . We were chasing our tails after that and it’s a case of what might have been.


Senior hurling is about the here and now. Clare and limerick have had great u21 success hasn’t translated. Senior hurling is about winning not about bringing players through. On a separate note you can’t play with 14 men for the amount of time you did.also you missed easy scores and can’t afford anyone opting out.fact is 1st week in July and your out.


Thanks for stating the bleeding obvious


i think rightly or wrongly the manager has split fans and players and has allowed disharmony to creep in. There are pros and cons to his tenure but ultimately we are better off moving forward with someone who can get everyone pulling in the right direction.

He has been brave in terms of bringing through young talent, he tried to work a game plan which ultimately failed us and had no back up to go too.

We have the guts of a very good young squad here with big players like Durkin, Kelly and Sutcliffe to come back in the future is still bright for us. While I do think it is too easy to put the blame on the manager entirely I am happy to side with the players. We have seen disgruntlement from players at various spectrums of there careers and not just bitter passed it lads. I’d sooner have the full pick of the counties talent than an unproven manager who has ultimately not brought us forward in 2 years.

Not sure who I would proceed with personally and thankfully it’s not a decision that I need to make. Wouldn’t be adverse to Anthony Cunningham myself.


I think,and the operative word here is ‘think’, I am not claiming to be all knowing about this - but generally that was a good display tonight and encouraging from the point of view that a lot of the young guys did very well - but it was a year that we should have done much better.

We had a year of Dooley in goal and for the very last game, management decide that maybe that isn’t the right way to go and go back to Maguire (who gave a very assured display I thought). Now I am not doubting Dooley’s abilities at all, he is a serious keeper, but he was seen to be such an integral part of the whole thing except at the last minute where he wasn’t so integral after all, that it is just not logical. A knock out championship game is not the place to decide you were wrong for all of the Walsh Cup, League and Leinster championship. That was our best display under puck outs all year. It smacks of the Rushe thing last year, where either it was right or wrong, but it can’t be right up until the very last minute when it suddenly becomes totally wrong.

I thought the 15 that played, did well. Schutte has lost a bit of touch somehow, but people have years where that happens, it will come back. Dillon got the goal well, and is hard to judge for the rest of it as they were outnumbered in the forwards. Like Schutte he seemed anxious at times - but without being part of the camp, we can’t know what possible drivers there were for that. McMorrow, Barret, Bennett, O Donnell, Rushe were all excellent, others were decent and no one was bad. So it was a decent display.

But… and it is a huge but, we are infinitely better then a three point defeat to Cork in the first round of the qualifiers. Management came in and made decisions, big decisions, to improve things and we have had our earliest championship exit in years. If you make big decisions, you are taking on big responsibilities and accepting big consequences if they go wrong - they went wrong.

It is managements job to bring along the players, it is any managers job in any walk of life to get buy in from the people under them. They failed in this instance. We had a lot of under 21 players involved tonight, except our best under 21, Cian Boland (the only Dublin player to make the GAA u21 team of the year last year). We have our best player ever probably in Sutcliffe sitting at home, and we have the issues over Kelly (and yes, there are issues). We have lost Joey Boland, Keaney, Carton etc. in ways that were not particularly befitting players that have given so much to Dublin. There is a thought process, not necessarily a wrong one, that this is what must be done to take a step forward (like Whelan and Ryan with the footballers as is often quoted), but where is the step forwards?
Maybe Cunningham introduced youth, but if you alienate everyone else, then all you have left is youth - it isn’t a choice it is a consequence, and they are two different things entirely.

If you list our best 15, it is a serious team. We probably lack real depth, but we have a very decent 15 and 3 or 4 replacements. Way better then a first round qualifier exit to a poor enough team would indicate. We have real talent coming through - possibly better then at any time in the past. But I don’t think we should throw away the intervening years either over what seems to be an ego clash.

If Cunningham worked for me as a manager, I would be genuinely impressed by his bravery to make decisions, I would be impressed by his experience and I would be impressed by his coolness under pressure. I would also have to acknowledge that he is most likely a very decent guy that cares passionately about what he does. But ultimately I would also have to acknowledge that it is isn’t working out. It is possible to do everything totally right and be very wrong. I have seen this in business and in sport - sometimes things just don’t fit.

Looking at things from a distance, which I hope the DCC are doing, we have a lot of talent available, but have lost important games to so so teams like Cork and Limerick. We have a management team who have made big tactical decisions, and then decided they were wrong at the last minute and we have a management team who have failed to bring along some of the most important stake holders in the Dublin hurling project.

Again, as I started the post, that is what I think. I am not claiming to be all knowing on the subject, and without being involved in the camp on a day to day basis, one can’t be all knowing. I genuinely believe everyone done their absolute best and as a supporter I am grateful for that. There is a lot of room for debate on the points above, and that is good too - although personally I will be ignoring any debate that is rude, personal or just downright ignorant.


Gutted. Brave effort I thought with 14 men. Silly challenge by crummy, needs to learn from this, as does everyone. Couldn’t understand taking Bennett off, thought he was quality. Ryan looked rusty to me, by his own high standards.


Dotsy had a bulging disc in his back so 100% injured for today’s game. Pity as would have made a difference


Well said. There is too much of that already on this thread.


There’s no need for that Lone Ranger.


But what was informative about it

  • at present we aren’t good enough (we know)
  • our forwards aren’t good enough ( we know)
  • we have a number of disaffected players who aren’t involved - ( we know)

Smacks of the Eddie Brennan and Cyril Farrell manufactured don’t hold our hurls right analysis


What report? Was Dotsy not injured?
In the cold light of morning - that was bloody annoying last night. A poor Cork team there for the taking, we have a lot of talent and we can do a lot better. A quality manager would have us 10-15 points better than we are. That means’ getting all our best players available and willing and then appropriate tactics, proper selection and good sideline management. Those are all achievable. We DO have the players


John Brennan at the link below

“Too many of Dublin’s best hurlers are not on the county panel right now and you have to ask why? David ‘Dotsy’ O’Callaghan was the latest player not to be in action last night.”

Now if he actually wrote that without checking if Dotsy was injured he’s a useless journalist that should be fired. Then again it is the Independent.


You said it yourself . It’s the independent. Dotsy hasn’t fallen out with management .