AI SHC Final 2017, Galway v Waterford, Croke Park, Sunday September 3rd, 3.30pm


Class altogether , Waterford aren’t afraid of Galway by any means .


Great contest so far.

Waterford were very nervous but have settled well into this now and got on top slightly the last few mins.


Revised score: 0-26 to 2-17 for Galway


BrWalsh, Barrett and Moran make it tick up front for a Waterford team who don’t have many other forwards options in their system - they have been excellent

I think Galway will win though if they can get a goal


As long as Waterford hang in you just never know …


Applause for Tony Keady. Sentimental nonsense? If I tell you what I think if You, my post will be banned by moderators.


Enthralling game.


I think the second goal shouldn’t have been allowed and was actually a free in to Galway.

Moran passed the ball to Bennett but before that Moran wins the puckout and fouls the ball by taking a tap of the Hurley but the ball never leaves his hand.


Against the rules. You have to stick to your first score!


The ref is only giving fees for an assault.


I am using my Dublin card - i.e. It’s GAA so I can do what I want …


Get a grip.


Liam if Galway only score 1.14, I’ll buy you a rake of pints in a place of your choosing!:blush: No cold sweats there Iomàint!


Watching online, you can sense that. Both sets of supporters craving the holy grail.

Galway look the better side but can they hold their nerve & prove it over the next 35 minutes?


You must be Cabal. Apologies so.


As I said, I’ll leave it for now. You’ve got no class.


Opinion folks , is Shanahan a waste of space or does he add something


The former.


Dan or Maurice?