AI SHC Final 2017, Galway v Waterford, Croke Park, Sunday September 3rd, 3.30pm




Pete’s red eyes says it all :sob:


No, only joking!


I thought ye had gone all North Korea for a moment.


To win just once!!!


Weell done to Galway .Their bench had huge impact with Niall Burke and Jason Flynn getting 2 points each. Babs was a disgrace calling on McGrath to resign. Waterford weren’t that far away.Gleeson was non existent today


Great song, but we hijacked that long ago.

Maroon and White Forever is their Saw Doctors tune. It’s about the 1998 footballers nut I’m sure they could have played the bit I posted above.


The famous Galway song is The West’s Awake. The Mayo version is The West’s A Wake … :grin:


You’ll hear the lyrics of said tune blared out the doors of Flannerys and the Big Tree over the next 2 weeks. Nauseating stuff. When it’s done, silence. Beautiful silence.


That’s about the size of it Lyster says. Thank god I’ll either be in Croker or a noisy boozer in 2 weeks so I won’t have time sit through another rte presentation.


Score prediction bang on!


Steve Earl or, God forbid, Ed Sheeran?


But Dublin have players like Joe canning , Conor Cooney, Niall Burke , Cathal mannion , daithi burke …

Ah wait now …


It also means we aren’t as bad as people make us out as we did get beaten by the All Ireland champions



Was totally neutral on this one, and I reckon the best team won, Galway just seemed to find their scores easier, in saying that if I were a Galway supporter I would have been a bit pissed off with the commentary, RTE seemed to really want a Waterford win, why , have no idea.
BTW a great spectacle. great game and skills in abundance, only negative was the Galway captain’s speech, I know Clucko cuts it short, but yer man was ready to go on forever,


I thought it wasn’t the worst speech I’ve heard . Had he cut it down by 25 percent I’d have said it was one of the better ones of recent years


Galway definitely the better team but the soft goal kept Waterford in it and but for a few wides in ye last 20 it might have been closer


I think Waterford were a tad lucky not to be well beaten. Have to admire their doggedness and heart.

But two forwards scoring from play says everything. Maurice coming on early was a sign they were unlikely to win it.


He deffo left nobody out, but it is not an issue, it is Galways night and well done to one and all.


I thought the Niall Donohue touch was very nice and mentioning his parents and underage coaches etc was nice too- they don’t get mentioned too often these days. There are so many people involved in the backroom teams these days it just shows how professional it is when they mention everyone.