AI SHC Final 2017, Galway v Waterford, Croke Park, Sunday September 3rd, 3.30pm


just saying that when making a speech, it is often better to cut it short, especially if you know that the vast majority of those listening really just want to see that lasd on the field with the cup, but it is not a big deal, just an observation.


Fairly gutted after that game. As a son to two Waterford parents we’ve arrived home to a fairly flat household. Thank ■■■■ we didn’t have to travel down the M9 - that would be some manky journey now. Can’t complain about the result, Galway full value for their win, their forwards accuracy was sensational. Cooneys point in the first half was Dj Careyesque. I felt Waterford had to work very hard for their scores and even harder to win a free (but the ref wasn’t the losing of the game), Galway were on top in every line of the pitch. I think somebody mentioned it already, but the Moran miss around 45mins was a massive turning point - really took the momentum Waterford were building away and missed our chance to go 2 up. Thought Niall Burke was the winning of the game for Galway - huge when he came on. I was on the hill today and it was a completely different experience from a Dublin game to say the least - I walked on first to be welcomed with a chorus of “Hill 16 is Galway only” :roll_eyes: but I must say the Galway fans behaviour who were above us was disgusting. Bottles were being lobbed down on top of us all game, an elderly enough lady (probably in her 70s) was hit twice in front of me. Now I know our fans are no angels but I haven’t seen anything like that - I’m not talking one or two bottles, easily 20+ bottles launched over the course of the game if not more. There was almost a brawl between a man from Galway and a 16 year old teenager from Waterford. Worst thing about it, the stewards/gardaí did literally nothing about it.
Please god we fucking beat Mayo - can’t have both trophies going west of the Shannon - ■■■■ all that West is awake shite.


I’ve shared some of the same experiences.

My worst experiences are with Galway hurling fans I’m afraid. Scumbags of the highest order.


Yea, the man marking job in Gleeson totally nullified his influence, he cut a pretty frustrated figure by the end. Losing Bennett so early was a blow. Brick didn’t have one of his better days either.


Gleeson should never been playing today. He has fantastic gifts but he’s a centre back and the sooner Waterford bite the bullet on that the better for all concerned


This rubbish is getting out of hand, there are and always will be scumbags everywhere unfortunately, but to talk about one county’s supporters as if they were worse than another’s is bull… . a few years ago I heard a Westmeath supporter call Jayo all the names under the sun, should I label all Westmeath supporters as racists ?


I agree he has all the attributes for centre back, but at the moment I don’t think he has the temperament or discipline for it (at this stage of his career). I


I’ve had 4-5 bad experiences with Galway hurling fans . All ranging in ages from young to old . And in my view they have a lot of toe rags following them


Best team won and soft scores kept the blaahs in it.wonder is mc grath getting a new (dublin blanket ) next year?


I’d make the point that it is hurling fans that are the problem here. Specifically young, boozed up brats from all the hurling counties who do whatever they feel like, throwing stuff, abusing people and property without any fear of being called out on it. I’ve had experience of them on the Hill twice a few years ago and will never go there again.
I don’t come across such behaviour from Gaelic football fans. People don’t believe me when I say this. There’s a perception that hurling fans are all great people. Well, a lot of the ones on the Hill are badly behaved drunken ignorant thugs.


Nope. Why would he swap his native Waterford for Dublin?


So have the other 31


They tend to drink all the way up to Thurles/Dublin on the train. Painful if you get stuck next to them.


Yeah I must say, the Waterford fans beside me were insufferable. They were all drunk teenagers and one particular massively obese fella was commiserating with Galway fans before the senior match, thanking them for coming as they were walking up the aisles - those types of things tend to bite you in the ass.


Anyone throwing a bottle should be taken to Mountjoy and then court on Monday morning …

Any hazard a guess at MOTM? David Burke or Joe C for me.


I reckon it be Burke, Joe and Gearoid Mc Inerney nominated and Burke will win it.


Agree, Burke for me. Class.


That wouldn’t be far off - unless they throw in a Waterford man.

We’ve commented on Marty … :roll_eyes: … but a word for Michael Duignan. Thought he was his usual insightful self with some very good observations and called some things brilliantly.


You could also hear him choking up at the final whistle , I think he was talking about Keady .


He was, that’s the GAA for ya. Passions and emotions just brimming under the surface because we’re quite a small country!