AI SHC Final 2017, Galway v Waterford, Croke Park, Sunday September 3rd, 3.30pm


First time I’ve seen Joe Cooney Sr on tv and not talking about liver fluke …


Or promoting 10-10-20!


Babs sees potential Waterford besting of tipp next year.


Babs is a dinosaur who is past his sell by date


pots and kettles


Been there done that with the hurling fans of tipp and Kilkenny on the hill. Unlike when we play the average age is about 19 and the majority are drunk. Not a great combination.

Congrats to Galway. The experience of moving to Leinster paid off. What Leinster hurling gets out of it I don’t know. At least we’ll hear less of the demand to move their minors over now they’ve won too.

I’m sure the Connaught chairman and officials will all get invited to the official dinner and not give two shites about feeling embarrassed by all this, as they gaze at the Delaney cup and wonder what that is.

I agree with lone about their fans too. A shower. Sadly I can no longer say that their arrogance is unwarranted as they hadn’t won an all Ireland in such a long time. They will be even worse next year, laughing at us allowing them in to get the practice done before the all Ireland, and to be fair to them, they’ll be right to.


Even an old hare can see the fox coming.


:joy:. Keep digging kid . You might strike gold :joy::wink:


I’m sick of gold. It’s the reason you keep digging for shite that keeps me intrigued!


Just an obnoxious shower . Haven’t met any county’s fans who like them . The level of abuse Dublin fans shipped at a relegation playoff a few years back was quite extraordinary that most of us had to move


:joy:. Is that all you got chief .
Cmon you can do better then that :joy:


Not City people … I think that’s the prob.

Aodhan probably dreading another 15 minuter here!


I think Bennett was getting the curly finger injury or not. Non effective and turned over 2 crucial balls. I predicted he could have a stormer. Has it in him, still only 20. If Waterford ever go ‘orthodox’ he could be a star.


Stuck fiver on David Burke for RTE MOTM at 20/1 :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Should never have been playing?


Nope he should have been suspended




Unfortunately I think he thought he was …


A huge problem is this “free role” he has

Something that has never been defined or been effective on a GAA pitch . Every player has to pull their weight . Canning has excelled this year from being excellent in one position


Contender for sports pic of the year. Shows explicitly the emotions of the game