AI SHC Final 2017, Galway v Waterford, Croke Park, Sunday September 3rd, 3.30pm


Adam and Paul? :smile:


Sobering experience for him and could be the making of him. Easy for a young lad like him to have his head turned with all the adulation. Today shows it’s all about your next performance. Hopefully he is really hurting


Joe :clap::clap::clap:


'01. And don’t tell us that it’s all about the hurling fans, a whole county celebrates every/any All-I


Lads who was the old bald guy who was with Joe Canning getting in all the pictures when he was walking round the pitch , he was also first off the bus going into the hotel ? Is he a selector ?


think he is their Christy Sweets


Big congrats to Galway.

A word on their fans. I cant see how anyone can label ‘Galway hurling fans’ as being any worse than any other counties supporters. Seriously, the worst type of scumbags Ive ever encountered at a game was on the hill at Dublin games. Thankfully, I have the cop on to know that these idiots dont represent the majority of us dubs and are probably not even associated with a club or the GAA in any way. The same benefit of the doubt should be given the any sets of supporters we encounter. It is a bit concerning that grown men, in this day and age, will categorize a whole group of people as scumbags based on encounters they have had with a select few. Replace Galway fans with ‘Jews’ ‘Gays’ ‘Blacks’ and re read the sentence to see what utter bollox it is. Wouldnt have been aloud on the old site thats for sure


If you’ve a problem then just report it . But when I’ve been verbally abused and had things thrown at me by a section of their fans on 4-5 separate occasions I reserve the right to call them scumbags which is booked under the term " fair comment "


If you see something wrong with posts please report them or offer your services to become a moderator as there’s only 3 of us at present and we do have jobs, play, run teams, family etc… and we don’t always see every post.

But thanks for your words of wisdom and btw the word is allowed :wink:


Would these have been in the terraces of grounds ? Have never experienced this in the stands .


I’ve experienced all kinds of shite in the stands, and I’ve only ever been there a handful of times in over 30 years going to Croker.


what were you doing to get stuff thrown at you on 4 or 5 different occasions ?


I was going to ask the same thing :slight_smile:


Bar supporting Dublin nothing really . But when you’re dealing with drunks I suppose you don’t have to do much


Have been a number of Dublin v Galway games over recent years. Have found the Galway support to be more abusive than nearly anyone else I can think of. Only experience to match has been Dublin v Meath u21 games.

Galway support tend to look down their noses at Dublin hurling. Arrogant & obnoxious are the best two words I can use to describe them


you should go to tullamore when the hurlers are playing galway. obnoxious and arrogant with a sense of entitlement. jeering, laughing at our hurlers when they are beating us, nothing to say when we were beating them.

for sure, yes, an element to be true. but the funny thing is, i have seen it when supporting dublin, but not when supprting Tipperary at Galway matches.

But like i said, they’re all ireland champions and we’re fucked. maybe they have a point.


Absolutely thrilled with the win yesterday. Don’t think it was a classic but we have lost plenty of great games over the years. Felt we were the better team throughout but it was way too close and tense for comfort. The last 20 seconds when Joe was preparing to take the lineball was surreal when we knew we had it won. Very emotional and overwhelming at the finish. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a family member involved.

Disappointed to see that we’re not well liked on here. I would honestly think that we’re no better or worse than other supporters but I’m naturally biased so would think that. I have noticed in recent years a significant amount of boozed up young lads on the Hill from all counties Galway included.

There is definitely an element of the traditional counties, including Galway, not rating Dublin hurling. I would have thought 2011 to 2013 would have changed that but may take a lot more. We certainly got two sound beatings in those years.
Anyway we’re not all bad. Plenty of Galway people involved in the Dublin club scene over the years and you’d never know there may be a Galway man in charge of the county team next year?


Why would they rate us anyway. It’s the “Galway hurling fans are scumbags of the highest order” that’s BS and shouldn’t be tolerated on here.

If they’re arrogant and think we’re shite at hurling that’s a different thing. I have been amongst Galway fans plenty of times. My experience is they’re no worse than any others


And that’s your experience. But it seems I’m not in the minority . …


That’s not like you Bart … :smirk: