AI SHC Final 2017, Galway v Waterford, Croke Park, Sunday September 3rd, 3.30pm


Great pic of Micheàl O’Donoghue with his Dad and Liam


Well let me rephrase it.

In my experience they range from arrogant and obnoxious to scumbag.



The attitude here towards Galway fans is similar to views I’ve heard from outside Dublin of Dublin fans on the hill. Unfair. You get assh0les in every county. Tend to see more drunken kids on hurling AI final day regardless of who is competing


Garda are very lacking here imo. If a young lad is falling about pissed he should be taken to Store St for a few hours til his parents collect him. Similarly anyone throwing a bottle should be identified by those around him, arrested and appear in court. A few well publicised court cases and arrests and that would stop it.


Don’t let the prejudice of a few colour your view, I’ve alot of time for Galway GAA as do most, Cyril Farrell taught me in school, a very decent man though hasn’t been best friend or support for our hurlers in latter years.

Anyway comhgairdeas o chroi libh!


Hill 16 is out of control on all Ireland hurling final day . If you go there on the 17th you won’t see half as much hassle


Back in the day, in Joey’s?


The elephant in the room in relation to fans is booze. Let’s call a spade a spade. Making drink available inside Croker has only exacerbated the problem. Massive hypocrisy from the GAA.


i think the main problem is underage drinkers who arrive already tanked.




Nail on the head.


Ya clearly a problem. Boozed up on train or bus on the way up.
Another problem I have is people coming in and out of their seats to go to the bar. Especially after half time. Always seem to spend the first 7 or 8 minutes of the second half getting up to let people into their seats. Not sure how to solve that unless they yet rid of the bars. Which won’t happen. I suppose having the bars in the stadium has the advantage of getting people into the ground relatively early.


Dislike of Galway fans would be a minority view here, I wouldn’t take it seriously. The notion of disliking fans from any county is a bit crazy really as ‘fans’ in general are a very broad church, but the majority of fans from every county are sound.

However, All Ireland finals are mainly for event junkies, not anyone else. The atmosphere at AI finals can be ridiculously bad sometimes, from time to time you can hear the general hum of people just having conservations. There are too many people there who don’t care about the result of the game really and then there are a few who care so passionately (even though they might only know the few main big name guys on the field) they annoy everyone around them.

Also - I just saw the game there now, I was away at the weekend. But Jesus the skill level was off the scale. That is a completely different game to what was played in say the 80s. Guys taking shots on the run, off the hurl, on their bad side and over their shoulder - and scoring… In the 80s if a guy could hit standing still on his weak side he was considered great. That was just an amazing game of hurling. The aforementioned event junkies might have wanted more drama, or more correctly more melodrama, but that game needs to be appreciated for what it was. It was closer to art rather then sport at times and everyone involved deserve a huge congratulations for being able to put on that exhibition - and Galway especially for coming out on top.


Are you of those that ticks off who scored points/goals in their programmes :joy:


I have been tempted I must say, but I don’t buy them anymore and now just use tweeted picture of programmes from Dubmatchtracker, and pen marks on me phone just look strange :grinning:




When I was posting after the match on Sunday I wasn’t trying to tarnish Galway fans and I certainly don’t hate them, I was only commenting on the behaviour that I witnessed. As different people have mentioned afor the most part all counties are the same, it’s tanked up youngsters causing the trouble. It was particularly bad the other day because the Galway fans were on the hill so early for the minor match so they had the whole upper section and vantage points to themselves. I agree you can’t dislike any county’s fans as a whole and there’s select gobshites in every county, which do their best to ruin the matches for everyone else.


I’m not. Beer ( or pizza or hot dog sellers) coming to you in your seat. :beer::beer::beer:


Just watched match again. I believe, as I mentioned before, that Waterford do have good forwards coming through, that have not been used as they don’t fit the sweeper system. I think Derek McGrath is a decent man who has put on a huge effort. I also think that he should either resign or go back to a 15 man game and let his players play without fear. Before Bart asks what forwards, look at the Munster under 21 final from last year. Some people on here may not like it but the fact is that the sweeper system has been shown up in both football and hurling and for me, that’s a good thing.


Good post PD, I was at the game, Upper Cusack and like yourself really enjoyed it. Pretty much all of Galway’s points, and Canning’s 2 sidelines came from long distance and they still had only 4 wides by half time.
The game was played with huge intensity from both sides and while it was right on the edge at times, there was none of the cynicism, sly digs or nastiness that seems to be creeping in more and more into football games.
I had both Waterford and Galway supporters around me and would have no issues with either.
I would imagine the Hill was different, as there were lots and lots of tanked up youngsters heading in that direction.
Really enjoyed the match but I would be pretty pissed off if I had to experience something like what Secondsub described on the Hill.