AI SHC Final 2017, Galway v Waterford, Croke Park, Sunday September 3rd, 3.30pm


Of course it’ll go down like a lead balloon on here but the Hill is a complete anachronism in terms of stadia design at this stage. Lends itself to unsavoury behaviour. At the very least they could stop selling drink on the Hill.


Are you suggesting they should …ban…alcohol been sold to patrons on the hill ? Thats probably the only thing they won’t put a protest against .


I know a girl who lives in flats behind the clonliffe house ,the stories you told me about the carry on of Kilkenny and tipp supporters after one recent all ireland final !!


Baseball & American football are so long and boring you’d need beer to keep sane.
Seriously, I can’t understand why people can’t sit in their seats for an hour and a half and just watch the match! You can eat and drink all you want afterwards.


You missed the Waterford lad jabbing his hurl into the nuts of the galway player so




No lead balloon af all here but please explain this. I may ultimately agree with you but that sentence above d oesn’t make any sense to me - please clarify.


All stadia are all seater these days. Tends to cut down in the rowdiness. In my opinion of course. Also makes it easy to indentify and remove trouble makers.


Tend to agree . Would remove a lot of the vagrants


add a lot to the atmosphere though, a lot of Uk soccerball fans pine for the days of the terraces.

a good start would to not allow young lads who are clearly pissed as farts entry into the stadium.


the trend is now for safe standing in European Stadium design. Catching on in the UK as well.

Hill 16 is probably the most advanced and safest terrace in Europe. Cant think of any new ones which holds so many. It adds to the atmosphere at matches and many teams say they thrive on their supporters up there.

Lone and I being accused of sweeping generalisations about Galway support, followed by sweeping generalisations about people who opt to stand instead of sit at a match.

Many of the famous unsavory incidents in Croke Park since the redevelopment started have been from the seats, including pitch invasions, the famous pitch sit in, attacks on referees, the programs being flung last year.


Get rid of the bars on the hill. Lock out the people who turn up late or drunk. Some of us prefer to stand at a match than sit and we should not lose the hill over drunken eejits. Again, the hypocrisy of the GAA around booze is stunning.


Come on. Pitch invasions are hardly unsavoury.


Usual nonsense and scare mongering about the terrace from some here. Only difference to stands is younger crowd overall. I take it that’s age jealousy so. Same gougers get tickets for all parts of the stadium and many of us cannot stand sitting for games.


It’s reality al . When was the last time you were on the Hill for an all Ireland hurling final ?


according to Croke Park they are, and are the reasons why there is a big screen in front of the hill and not elsewhere


the lawsuits from people who were “injured” during pitch invasions were unsavoury.


Pitch invasions are a tradition after Munster and other provincial finals. Parnell too. It’s only Croker that has a problem with it.


what about the two who were caught riding in the centre of the pitch and brought to court?


I blame the south side Mots with their High Heelers ruining the pitch…