All Ireland Final - Build up Events

We live in blessed times.

Win or lose tomorrow, it will be the biggest day in Dublin GAA history.

Great to be part of it. Was ten when saw the 70s team win in 1974. they were special, but these boys of last ten years have been unique.

Even just for their refusal to bow the knee the last day, they have earned their place in the pantheon. They will go down with their boots on. That’s for sure. If they go down, I honestly don’t know. Strangest feeling I’ve ever had going into a final/


Condolences on your uncle’s passing, Rochey. I’ll always remember your crestfallen post on here after we plummeted out of the championship… could’ve been '09…and your fear that your dear mammy may not live to see us claim Sam again. We could never have imagined what lay just over the hill. Not in our wildest dreams.

Whatever happens tomorrow on the field, this decade has been some ride. May we all die happy from it!


Thank you JohnC. Thoroughly appreciate that. Bless ya!

Sorry for your loss rochey.

Up our Dubs

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@Rochey sorry for your loss. I’m sure he’ll be smiling down as the ball gets thrown in tomorrow.

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Sons u13 match out in Cuala of all places tomorrow.think I shall just hibernate until about 3 pm…don’t even want to go for few toasters before in kennnedys…just want to get this 5 in a row.Hand the other counties back the ball and say ■■■■ You were not playing anymore.

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Sorry for your loss @Rochey I’ll be keeping your uncle, and all the Dublin supporters who never made it to today, in my thoughts as I wander around clonliffe and Jones roads this afternoon.

Look at where we are this weekend, two senior football teams in a position we never thought would happen. No matter how these days go, we’ll remember them for the rest of our lives no matter how long they may be.

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Sorry about that Rochey, chin up boss and enjoy the rest of the day as I am sure that is what your uncle would want.

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Up having some brekkie now, drop the son to a hurling match in Judes at 11, off to ref a match at 12 in Ballycullen, hopefully get the call I have a ticket then collect that (fingers crossed), home for a shower, bus into town and meet up with clan members for a pint or 2 in Murrays pre-match.

Just did the poppintree (suck it up) parkrun and getting a coffee and scone in the mun before paying a visit to the parents who are living in their own block of flats in glasnevin cemetery, and my sister who is down in the old angels plot probably the saddest place. Then into town to try and swap this ticket.


Have a great day dubintipp hope ya get sorted with the ticket. Up the dubs.

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Hope ye get sorted mate … and your ‘swopper’ isn’t late! :wink:

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Condolences on your loss @Rochey. Out in Stepaside for the morning, bringing the daughter to Japanese school. Should be home for around 2.30 and catching a train in around an hour after that. Possibly a pint or two before the game, but no more. Had 2 before the first game, and my back teeth were almost floating just before half time. Up the fecking Dubs!

Ah don’t mention the war lol

Enjoy, hope you’ve your Setanta top on under the Dubs jersey :+1:

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Only catching up on this thread now while the boss isn’t looking over my shoulder (work boss, not the real one at home).
Very sad to hear of your loss, @Rochey. And, under the circumstances, I really appreciate that you took the time to PM me some good news I was hoping for.
I’m sure the result on Saturday evening speeded your uncle’s path to those who went before him and gave you all some comfort in trying times.
RIP to your uncle. Up the Dubs.

Condolences to you and your family @Rochey on your loss. I’m sure he was smiling down on the team on Saturday night.

Condolences @Rochey but these lads are a great pick up.

Thanks for the thoughts lads. We sang Dublin in the rare oul times after the coffin went into the ground, so there was a dampness in my eyes after the final whistle and it was played in Croker! What a day.


Sorry for the loss @Rochey, not sure if you saw Jack’s interview about what sport means and it is more than just a game.

The All Ireland win, I am sure was a fitting send off for your uncle and helped you celebrate his life!

P.S, fairly sure I saw you in the Gibson on Saturday night! Great night!

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