All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


Jesus Cork are utterly dreadful that’s 70+ mins of my life I will never get back. County of Corks size & resources should never be so utterly inept & clueless. Well done Frank. There’s your legacy!

Tyrone in Omagh will be tough game. Dont think they’re any different or better than team we beat very well last Aug. Should be good day out. Looking forward to it.


But as we’re constantly being told, population=success. Inevitably.


Ah, but you need to consider ‘x’* too.

*‘x’ will be decided arbitrarily of course.


True , but football is almost an after thought down there . It’s criminal with the pool of players they can pick from with all their clubs.


As said already that puts Kerry’s win in context. Also to note the team that Kerry walloped in first Munster game got beaten by team who got beat today. How will Marty & Martin rationalise that. Ye pair of bleedin clowns :sunglasses:


I reckon it’ll be us and Tyrone to come out of the group. I think they can take Donegal even in Ballybofey


As expected the Flour Bags are making short work of brutal Fermanagh.


Shows the standard / level of the Ulster Championship. Fermanagh very limited yet beat Monaghan & Armagh!

Have no liking for Kildare but seeing Santa’s little helper & Ryan McMenimen on the line for Fermanagh would push any Dub towards Kildare.


Fermanagh are pure melodeon.


Getting hockeyed.


How’s the pizza lad getting on ?


Don’t think he’s playing…


Well he’s on the pitch!


Provincial losers getting their arse handed to them on a plate as predicted - more tomorrow. Leinster no worse than anywhere else. Gulf in standard is massive. Super 8s me arse.


“Dublin in Dublin” :thinking:


Wouldn’t read to much into it just yet. Technically the fixtures and venues for round 2 and 3 aren’t fully confirmed until Monday if I’m not mistaken


Dublin in Dublin, looks like they have a problem with Croker?


'Zactly. I fail to see how Kerry having a tough game to burn off the dirty dayzil, benefits us in any way. Their coming into the knockout stages a tad undercooked suits us just fine. May be a bit different with the advent of the Super 8’s though…


Read it the other way TBH. I think they are playing there game well already, don’t they need funds to redevelop the Hyde ???


No it doesn’t. Kerry are in the same position in Munster as we are in Leinster . The shadow boxing is still going on. Next few weeks will give a better picture.