All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


There will be calls to change the manager again but in reality the problem goes much deeper, gets the impression from players, administrators and supporters of indifference to how rubbish they are.

Look at their record since the won in 2010

2010 All Ireland Winners
2011 beaten Mayo QF
2012 Munster champions beaten semi-final Donegal
2013 Beaten Dublin QF
2014 beaten Mayo QF
2015 beaten by Kildare 4th Round Qualifiers
2016 beaten by Donegal 4th round Qualifiers
2017 beaten Mayo 4th round Qualifiers
2018 beaten by Tyrone 4th round Qualifiers

For the number of clubs/players they have its just shocking. Franks legacy is a white elephant of a stadium that will host pop concerts July and August.


As equally at home in the Dublinisms thread, that post.


Barely average eights ?


“Best front 3 in the country”
“Scully and Andrews wouldn’t get in Kerry’s 6 forwards”

They actually said that? :roll_eyes:


Your man from Mayo last week. Sounded like he was interfering with himself in ecstasy over Kerry’s “wonderful forward play.” I think it’s called Stockholm Syndrome.

Anyway, Tyrone proved tonight that the Prince’s destruction of Cork meant nothing. A decent junior B team would beat them.


They did because they are ignorant ■■■■■


Brolly said it .
Last year he said Dublin will know all about it when they face Tyrone.
We know how that went .:grin:


I thought it was your man doing the commentary. Had to turn the sound down. About five minutes before deciding that watching them fkers hammering someone was waste of a sunny evening :slight_smile:


What was gas about that point & maybe it stood out for us to take offence is i think that’s the first time since the 2011 final when someone insinuated that kerry might have better footballers than us . And he was very careful who he chose to pick out . Scully isn’t a forward , you can dress him up as one but that’s not his role . And as for Andrews , i wouldn’t swap him out for any of theirs bar Geaney .And with that ,Andrews probably has more bottle than that entire kerry forward line put together . Absolutely invaluable to this team.


More all Ireland’s then them too :rofl::rofl:

That felt good, how many times did we have to listen to that from yerra land


2015 must have completely slipped his mind when a few of them didn’t show up .
Its a real shame we didn’t beat them out the gate that day, the scoreline didn’t reflect how comprehensive a win was that day .
They have two lads starting in their first year in senior & hes already putting the two of them above two lads with multiple AIs between them .
Lets see how how O’Shea & Clifford fare when the they are really up against it .


Thank you, sir. It’s how the spirit moved me at the time…


On topic. Niall Scully is a fantastic footballer. Incredibly unselfish. Run his halls off to create space for others. Occasionally he gets the chance to score. Good scores too!! Fcuk Kerry’s forwards.
I like what we have.


agreed. perpetual motion. Think -in different eras- Kevin Heffernan -Bobby Doyle-John Caffrey. He does however needs to up his scores to scoring chances ratio.ultimate team player


Not sold on Scully yet at all. Howard is a better player imo.


The gas thing about it is Niall Scully outscored all 6 of Kerry’s forwards from play this year when we smashed them off the park.


Both are exceptionally fine players and have been great throughout. Didn’t they both start against Leix?
No reason for either player not to have a seat for a half and a bit while other great players from Dublin forge on to be the greatest Gaelic Football team to ever grace the Island


Weve been fortunate that top players have arrived over the last few years when needed in certain positions John Small , Fenton, Con ,
While Scully is a good addition he is not in that bracket yet.
Howard I agree has more potential. A bit disappointed mc Hugh hasn’t come more to the forefront . After winning u21 player of the year I thought he would grab his chance quicker.


We are very fortunate. As the brother said, “They’d bate Barcelona.”
I think Con will explode in the “8"s. Dublin are a ''serious outfit”, as some bollix said.


I think there’s room for both. Regardless, we’re blessed to have them.