All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


Think Con might be a bit quieter this year actually, I expect better next year. We really need Mannion to push it up another notch and lead the attack with CK


I’m a bit conflicted on how to feel about Kildare at the moment. On one hand, it should only benefit the GAA as a whole, and leinster in particular, to have a strong Kildare team. The quality is there in their team too, it’s just been attitude/application that has let them down until now. In the long run, until the provincial system is scrapped, a strong Kildare team should only be a good thing.

On the other hand, from the fans at the games to the men in the media (Gilroy and he who shall not be named), they’re an insufferable bunch to put it lightly. Galway hurling supporters are mentioned as being among the worst, but I’d lump Kildare fans in there too, and the stronger they are the worse they’ll get. They are as spiteful, aggressive and entitled as you’ll get. Most of my worst experiences with opposing fans, especially in recent years, were Kildare fans


Thanks my friend.

Probably one of the games of the year so far for entertainment value. Emphasis very much on attack, probably at the expense of defence. Although beaten, probably represented a decent outcome for us - went toe-to-toe with a team who are further up the rankings and gave quite a good account of ourself, playing some nice football. Roscommon were the better team - they seemed to last the pace that wee bit better and had a stronger bench which helped in the hot conditions. Not sure how much of an impact two matches in very warm conditions had on our team, over the last eight days.

Participation in the Super 8s would likely have been a challenging enough proposition for our lads, so we’re going out now on a relative positive and that should hopefully bode well for going into 2019. We have blooded some good new and young players and if we can get some of our absentees back, then we should hopefully hold our own in Division 2 and aim to reach the last eight next year.


I agree Mannions potential is incredible, if he matures in position a bit more and improves his scoring consultancy he will be up with the best forward In the country.


Jeeze no wonder the rest are moaning … we even have scoring consultants


With headlines this morning like " white hot Tyrone" defeat cork, seems the sporting journos and pundits are going with the tried and trusted format of knocking Dublin as the panacea to make everything right in the footballing world. There seems no limit as to what should be overlooked to maintain the mantra that Dublin are great in every area bar their football. As they tumble deeper into the abis of ignorance and bias, the greatness of this Dublin team will be a constant hot pin to their egos and failings. Let them continue to rise anybody but Dublin shoulder high, but if history has taught us anything, it is that the truth will out in the end and pretenders to the throne will ultimately have to do it on the playing field as Dublin have & continue to do.


Is Laois v Monaghan on the telebox anywhere?


Will tickets go on sale to the public ? Can’t see any on line


Not unitil the other pairing is determined. Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow morning.


Thanks AOC


Wondered at the time about cork in the Munster final, they looked so poor v Kerry. Was wondering did Kerry make them look bad. Seems not. They’re a very poor team. So Where are Kerry exactly? Super 8s will help these kids develop. But realistically if we were in their shoes i’d be very wary of the hype around those lads, haven’t beaten anyone yet.


One site says 25,500 but the site linked below indicates “…with a ticketed capacity of approximately 18,500”



I wonder why this game is fixed for today especially with Kildare/Fermanagh played yesterday?Kildare have the one day advantage which unfair on Monaghan.




Seven of the Super 8 teams played in NFL 1 in 2018. The missing team = Mayo. They are replaced by Roscommon who will be promoted to NFL 2019. I think the championship has ended up with best 8 teams in the Country and the system is working well.


It is a shit system for the minnows.


If there was no super 8s you’d have the same teams in the pot for the quarters in the old format .


Maybe they should accept that there should be a tiered system. They do in hurling, why not in football.