All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


I fully agree.


Considering the abuse Tyrone have taken over the Years I’m sure they are due some praise.
We werent playing over the weekend ,so I don’t know why they should of written about us. We don’t need to have keep getting our belly tickled .


Dublin are lauded though? They are the best team I have ever seen. The trophies won prove this. And Dublin while tough, play football the way it should be played.


Will Dublin v Roscommon be played in a neutral venue?


What’s a neutral venue


New York.


Korean demilitarized zone?


“Lauded” is a term of high praise, btw. Just saying. ‘Lauded to the high heavens’. I’ve seen it used several times here as completely the opposite.


I guess not in Leinster or Connacht so probably PUC.



Why are we back to this neutral venue shite again, there is no mention of it anywhere in the rules governing the Super 8’s.




Apparently at the 28th minute mark the super 8s are discussed & the speaker mentions “neutral”


I’ll take your word for it.


Will Lauded ever be in Dubleisms? In me bleedin shi’ :rofl:


It was more in context of what passes as analysis and how Leinster and Munster are treated very differently vis a vis kerry and Dublin.


Traipsing, I love that order. Where the ■■■■ where you? Traipsing all over tha bleeding town looking for your shoes…


We have a new heir to crown after David Clarke .
Calls for Brody from Laois to get an All Star nom…


Yep guaranteed they’ll find another excuse not to give another All Star to Clucko.


Charlie’s article today has boiled some amount of piss… Had the fishing rod out!!