All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


They’ve got somebody in to Skype on Corks woes .
Jesus Mayos funeral last week & now this .


Whatever mayos woes they pale into significance to the problems cork football have. It just beggars belief how poor they are for a county of that size and tradition.


Jaysus we are getting very insecure here lads :grin: .
To be fair the Laois goalie had played well so far in Championship.


It was just an observation :wink:


When he isn’t doing his Rene Higuita impression.


Is that your man from Allo Allo. :wink:


He had plenty to do though. But frankly, no All Star should come from any team outside the Super 8s.


I don’t think any all-star will. Truth is Laois could of been hammered without him today that’s all. Guy has had two good games and possibly been the best goalie so far . But a lot of football still to play.


Butcher (Dublinism for but sure) the best keeper never gets the All Star … :smirk:


I presume in the future the super 8s will become way more important than the provincal titles. Like in the champions league where qualifying is the be all and end all .


Well obviously , if your not in , your out :joy:


Who needs all stars when you have an all Ireland medal in yer back pocket. I’ll take that. Hopefully that’s what Dublin will have in 2018.


That’s all that matters.


Craig Rogers, a teammate of Graham Brody at Portlaoise says he’s better than Cluxton.


Well. There you are! He’d know wouldn’t he?


And he would know this because ???


Craig Rogers says that he’s a better player than stephen Cluxton, did you overheard him while he was on the loss in Connecticut. This should be a major headline in papers.

I can see it now 'Obscure from Laois player has opinion about player he played with" the byline could be obscure fan from dublin prentends to be from USA on dublin supporters forum and he has in depth knowledge of gaa for no apparent reason.


No I saw it in a tweet timeline from a certain ex-Laois footballer who has a podcast cough cough.


Can’t sleep again tonight?

You’re some tin roofer


How do you know Craig Rogers plays for Portlaoise?