All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


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So the greatest goalkeeper of all time is now 4th best of this era. Clarke, Beggan and Brody now are all better than him.

Won’t be long now before somebody is saying Paddy O’Rourke from Meath is better.

This is getting so fucking tedious.


I’m delighted with myself that I’ve never even heard of Brody and Rogers. I’m doing something right I think.




One of the best US detective shows of the 80s


@daddyo any chance you can pop down to @Ohm to shoot the breeze and watch the dubs this saturday.


And send photographic evidence. :rofl:


I can’t keep track of this… Do we reckon we’ll know later today the exact times, dates and venues for Round 2 & Round 3 of the Super 8’s.

Given that we know who we’re playing and are 99% sure of venues I would hope we’d get that info now.


@HawkEye my guess is that there is a CCCC meeting taking place today where they will establish times/venues and ticket details for all 3 rounds of games


Yeah I’ve since googled trying to see what I could find out and this article from the IT suggests that the case alright.

I work with a guy from Tyrone and his advise to me if we are set to play Tyrone on a Saturday night was to go home to Dublin afterwards. He said there’s very little life in Omagh even with a big match on. Anyone ever stay up there?


Nothing much up there couple of bars but I reckon with a lot of dubs staying there could be a great atmosphere about the town.

Accommodation was hard to find, one of the places I rang said there was also a music concert on in the locality same weekend so hence the scarce rooms available.


Strabane has a decent nightlife. 20 minute drive to Omagh. It’s an option anyway


i stayed in mates in laws in ardboe for the league game , ended up going into some dodgy bar for a pint to get out of the cold , skated up to the car at closing time in the ice. not much up there all right , prime for a say trip , or to strabane,


When the library is in the top 5 attractions you know you’re under pressure!

Day trip it looks like so…


No, Dublin are the HOME team so it will be in Dublin.


@ohm, are you related to The Ohms of Donegal?


He could join me in orlando watching it in the lucky leprechaun on sat , i could do with the company !


or he can join me down in waterford in a boozer in stradbally to watch it.

whichever is nearest !!!


It just isn’t Mayo’s year, is it?


Cove - one of my fav spots in Ireland - beer garden in village pub too!