All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


yeah its nice , was down there last year but just for the weeekends, left the good lady wife and childer down there for the week days when i went back to work , poxy week for it with the super 8’s but if we get the good weather that will be great


Is that Jack Meades on the way out to Faithlegg? Savage spot!


No - it’s a bar in Stradbally village in Waterford. Beautiful beach there surrounded by cliffs.


It is ludicrous. I don’t think a retired goalkeeper can win an all-star though.


Portlaoise have been in 11 straight Laois football finals and his name always shows up there.


It amazing a yank can produce that stat. I suppose you get the Laois nationalist every week in Connecticut?


You can see who won what year here. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live. I just looked it up.

Also last year Laois put highlights of their county championship games on youtube for the first time.


Cork got an awful but fair savaging on the Second Captains podcast today. Wonder what Donnacha the Cork poster on the old site makes of it all.


Where did Rogers say that about Brody better than Cluxton?? Would Brody get his game for Scoil Ui Chonaill?, :wink:


I heard it on Woolys podcast too.


Do you know how much Portlaoise owe?


I don’t reqlly understand the need for them to be savaging anyone. Cork have issues at senior football level, but they are a strong GAA county who are doing huge work to provide GAA games to an awful lot of people. More then any other county I think.

Should we just judge counties by what their flagship team are doing or look a little more into the work they actually do. I wish Dublin had the degree of penetration into such a range of communities that Cork do.


@Wifi - you’re a fierce nice man altogether. Valid points - and the guys who are ‘calling this out’ have done nothing much for the GAA (or anybody) … but love the sound of their own voices …


They don’t give a shite about the footballers in Cork . Highlighted by the piss poor following they have . And yet the ardent bartooler will still tell ya they have the players to compete & blame everything on the coaching / management side . When they wise up & realise they have a bunch of mediocre players in the panel it might dawn on them . The amount of delusion down there is unreal about where Cork football is really at .


A loss in this one followed by 2 “unimpressive” wins where “the cracks are finally stsrting to show” would be nice. Then drive a wreckin-ball through a cocky kirrra in the semi and saunter past a galwsy team “with a lot to learn” in the final for a glorious 4 in a row. On seconds, just nothing bates beatin the yerras in the final so maybe 3 unimpressive wins.


Could have a strange all Ireland pairing this year…
Wouldn’t be shocked with a repeat of the league final


I ll settle for 5 handy pulling up in the last 20 mins wins. For once no drama .


Wouldn’t we all !


And long may they remain delusional.