All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


am chuckling over my coffee at posters on the mayo blog (remember that?) bemoaning our tactitcs towards the end of the game on sat. they did this against Tyrone a few years ago, not one complaint. Now its all “three passes” and such like.

oh, and they only put the under 20 final in CP to ensure the massive mayo crowd will boost the dublin figures and it’ll be sold as if dublin packed out the place.

i was only looking for some insight into the U20 final ffs…


A few weeks back, prior to the Laois game iirc, we were being heralded by a most of the media, as atleast trying to play football the right way despite our infinite resources. That was the national gaa narrative. Fast forward to Saturday night and suddenly it’s swung to us being a defensive side using a blanket defence.

It’s farcical. The majority of the media are absolute bellends without an ounce of conviction. I’ve said it before on here, social media and clicks and likes have ruined the craft.


A big problem is there are loads of people working in the media that are not actually journalists, I mean if you read on here, mostly it is pundits we are talking about, but a pundit is usually an ex player and at the end of the day knows very little more than a guy sitting in a bar. I mean Joe Brolly insisted last weekend that Mayo had the template to play the Dubs, but failed to mention that although they got close they never manage to beat us, so clearly the template did not work. he basically was telling teams to try something that has failed time and time again.


Ah! Junior A. The best of times. Football without the pressure. Biggest pressure? Having 15 on the field for the throw in. Junior B was even better. Away games in the mental home in Grangegorman. Matches in the Phoenix Park. Hard fought battles against Major and Avila Gaels. Out to North County Dublin to play St.Pat’s in the Champo. Best of times…


Looked back at Monaghan-Kildare, good contest. Monaghan not in top gear. But that’s two significant wins for them in Croker this year, will give them alot of confidence if they can progress.


Karl O’Connell is a fabulous footballer


Apparently he only really started playing football in his late teens after he’d left school, was more into athletics before that. Incredible the strides he’s made since.


Careful @johnjoe … they’re not mad about puns here …


So he’s in the rag trade?


Hopefully Roscommon give a good account of themselves here .


Roscommon two points up , gilt edge goal chance missed .


3 points to 1 for Roscommon.
Good save by the Rossies keeper .


Sky just showed mcstay throwing the ball at the linesman’s head st half time…


Rossies have an awful high opinion of their team…turning on McStay now like every other manager…they just aren’t good enough. Winning a few Connacht titles at underage guarantees nothing.


McStay had a lot to say after the game, talked himself into a lot of trouble I reckon.


To some degree you can understand a manager losing it if he feels his team are getting a raw deal in a tight game. But Roscommon are shocking and it’s nothing to do with the officials. Take it on the chin in that scenario and don’t be bloody stupid about it.


He has made history McStay, first time a manager has lost 3 championship matches in a season. And he will do so again in 2 weeks when he will be the first to lose 4. You think he be happy making history.


He won a Connacht title with them last year…that’s about the height of it. They haven’t won a championship game in Croke Park since 1980…and their fans were on about breaking into the top 4!


Breaking into the top 4? They couldn’t break wind at the minute.


Ros are one of the cinderella hype teams of the championship, along with Wexford hurlers, and Kildare…Any time they have a good game or bring through some good underrage players the media are all over it and we get this mantra year after year about how they are just about to explode and become All-I contenders. Mad stuff.