All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Wexford forwards not in it either. Trying to pick out FF with a sweeper in front of him.

Galway starting to take control …


Feel Galway could easily full away with this in the second half. Cooney performing… If they get another 1 or 2 forwards motoring it’ll be enough to win by 5 or 6


Galway look slightly better, scores coming more directly to them. Great atmosphere but I agree with Lone Ranger, it’s hard to imagine two more unpleasant sets of fans.


Attendance 60332


Doesn’t feel like it , no atmosphere coming across on the tv anyway .


Barry Kelly strikes again. As soft a penalty as u could ever see.


You’ve 300 too many there!

Good save but Galway physicality beginning to tell …


Galway poor enough though. Hard to pick All Ireland winner. Could be any one of 4/5 teams at the minute.


Colm Lyons is the ref ?!?!?


Oops - is he? Am sure I saw Barry Kelly on screen earlier. Unless he’s doing the line?


He is. Galway backs well on top - could be a long second half for the Wexicans


Over now unless Wexford get a flurry of goals .


Maybe there’s hope :open_mouth:


He scores nothing really in the game & then hits a lovely sideline , beautiful from Joe .


Wexford 9 points down with 6 mins to go and still playing sweeper!!!


What does this say about the Wexford Kilkenny result . Did they just catch Kilkenny on a bad day or just beaten by a better team today .


Galway would have pulverized Kilkenny.


Westmeath asked for the game to be played in cusack park just for promotional purposes. Offered to pay tipps expenses for the whole trip . Tipp refused point blank
Poor form in my view


Says Kilkenny aren’t that good and the hysterical reaction after the Galway game by Dublin fans was over the top
That’s some Galway team


Disappointing game I thought. Galway & cork still the form teams.