All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


At least it was entertaining . Yesterday was just plain boring . I accept the snobbery point. I said as much last week. Daithi would be better placed putting his efforts into changing Offaly hurling rather then putting out silly point scoring tweets


First game was boring, never bored watching Dublin.


A lot of the wides had a lot to do with nerves too as was predicted by Jackie Tyrell during the week.

The intensity, pace and hits were top class. The fielding was brilliant too especially Mc Inerney who was the best player on the pitch.

I thought it was a great game and the touch from both wasn’t that bad on a wet pitch considering footballers can’t even stay on their feet and blame U2 :wink:


Thought it was a fantastic spectacle, and actually thought Galway were fucking it away with their poor goal efforts. Delighted for them to be fair, I have a lot of Tipp friends who are pure hurling men, while I’m disappointed for them, it’s going to be nice to see a fresh face winning Liam this year, as long as it’s not the fucking langers, I’ll be a happy man!


Only the 3rd time in 20 years that an AI final won’t be featuring Kilkenny or Tipp :open_mouth:


Jaysus. That’s crazy.


A few weeks ago some said the holy trinity didn’t exist in hurling …


Ha… And in the previous two occasions Kilkenny nor Tipperary were involved, Cork were.


Would agree totally with that. Thought it was a really enjoyable game played under far from perfect conditions. I thought it was immensely more intense and honest from both teams than the fare that was on offer last night.
Maybe there is a certain amount of snobbery from some between the 2 codes but in a game where both teams gave it their all and were never more than 2 or 3 points apart for 75 minutes of hurling, I think it is harsh to criticise either team today.
Then again maybe I am biased or maybe I am a snob!


Hurling is a beautiful game. As is Gaelic Football.
To try and compare is ridiculous as we love and embrace both games.
In my lifetime great hurling games have far outweighed great football games.
My blue eyes only see one team however and I’ve been blessed with the footballers.
How I’ll relish the day when the hurlers do the business.
I watched todays game on my computer and found it captivating. Yes. There were glaring misses but some of the scores were poetic. The intensity level was at the max. Wonderful spectacle from men who at least have Monday off before they go back to work and training on Tuesday.


Did they really? Or is that hyperbole?


Great post, so well put.!
wold agree with all you have said there.


Great post daddyo, we are blessed to have two great games.


I’d agree. I’m a football man but have developed a love for hurling over the years. If we had managed to see 2013 thru as I believe we would have if we had got to the final it would have nearly surpassed anything achieved in football bar 2011.

Was at game yday. Cracking game with great atmosphere and incredible finish.


Kilkenny alone have been in 16 out of the last 19 finals I think, only missing out 2013, 2005 and 2001

It’s their record that is exceptional not so much Tipps


I AM anti-hurling, sick of all the self-agrandissing waffle about it. I prefer a game where I can see the ball and you can’t just lash it past everyone like John Daly in the golf


Great just ignore the thread then


That’s good to know


Great game yesterday. 2 even teams. Hard hits,direct play,15 on 15. Pitch seems to be an issue all weekend. A high %'of players slipping,especially on the sharp turn. Football has gone to the dogs. If the football fare was brutal this weekend,wait till the super 8 kicks in,all with the club player in mind,don’t forget. Although,once the super dubs keep winning ,who cares . Looking forward to next weeks games. The dubs have it all to do and if Waterford play a sweeper,cork should win pulling up. Best team atm to score from out the field and have the best pucout strategy of all the teams left. Fittest team as well. Huge improvement there. Croker should suit them. Waterford have the experience,cork have the youth and the fearlessness that comes with that. Lots of variables but cork for me.


Waterford for me. Cork are spoofers.