All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Can you explain that a bit more?


Dublin, who as we all know are terrible beat them down here in the league. I’m not convinced by them. They were shijjte last year with the same players. Waterford should hammer them.


Waterford aren’t setup to hammer anyone . They may win alright


But this is this year. Cork will run rings around them.


Well, Waterford have already had three chances this year to hammer Cork (which I’m sure they would love to do) in the Munster Hurling League, the Munster Championship and in the Hurling League and they’ve failed so far.

Of course, all those results may be disregarded - although not if you were putting a bet on.


Word on Twitter that DeBurca is currently getting his suspension reviewed ATM ala Connolly .


De Burca has lost - he will not be playing against Cork


Feel for him. The whole process has been a joke. Archaic treatment process.


I am hoping that with De Burca not playing that Waterford will change their style. Cork got caught badly in the AI replay against Clare in 2013 when Clare went for it from the start. Id love to see Waterford shock us all and do the same


Justify this comment please. How has the process been a joke? Are you declaring this solely on the fact that his appeals were not successful?
He broke a clearly defined rule by grabbing a helmet RIGHT IN FRONT OF AN OFFICIAL. He received the nominal punishment. His appeal was groundless and was correctly rejected.


Indeed. He should have had one hearing and no more. Three is not archaic. It’s insane.


Or maybe he should have accepted the correct punishment for the offence. Or maybe that would be insane …


Crazy talk!


Why can’t they all be like Dermo …


The length of the process is how I meant it. Dragging on until 1am 2 days before final. The allowance for these procedures. It has well benefited us in the past but having to sit three hearings in order to get to the top is my idea of stupidness. You could counter argue well why appeal it at all but…
I also didn’t see personally the dangerous significance of the incident. It was as much of ‘get out of my way’ as anything but that’s only my opinion. I’m
sure we are all allowed those still


Same as Connolly but people supported his appeals.

The rules are the problem here- DC shouldn’t have missed the Summer and TDB certainly shouldn’t miss an AI semi for those offences.


These lads are brilliant


Brilliant !


Class. And so so true.


Do we have to shout for the Leinster champions :thinking: