All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


How did he escape a card for Moran incident. Worse Owens didnt even stop the game.


Kingston and OSullivan really throwing weight around - linesmans ears must be singed. Don’t like to see that stuff , waving fingers and counting fouls for officials .


Yea, the rock would want to calm down a bit. Mind you, Dan the man is as bad.


Trial by media again .Gleason is facked I’d say if they win this .


Haven’t noticed any mentions of canning or Clare just yet :joy:


Some save by Nash. Banks v Pele put to bed at long last.


How come Conor Lehane isn’t playing?


Jesus the refereeing…


He is


Ridiculous free ffs


Think he’s taking the piss


Think frees are going to hurt Waterford in the end .


Think I woke him up though …


Donkey Shanahan on .


Mind you Waterford aren’t helping themselves.

No interest in seeing Dublin playing hurling like this.


Bulk of the scoring coming from Horgan , the other forwards have been kept quiet .


Nasty stuff , could be a game changer here .


Where Austin Gleeson?


Cork getting their scores that bit easier at the moment. Red for Cork … opposite of 2013.


Fully deserved red. Cahalane nasty all day.