All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Even if we won an AI?

doubt that


Waterford have won nothing yet.

And it’s ugly hurling to watch.


The Rock look like he going in at full back :slight_smile:


Waterford won’t get a better chance to get to the final


Himself and Shanahan are on the field so much they may as well have jersies.


He’s been acting the bollo allday.
Waterford too many wides but extra man should see Waterford through.


He’s s liability


Not talking about Waterford. If we won an AI 0-1 to 0-0. They’d be dancing in PNU till Dec 31


Full back gone. Surely push Plug in to FF and knock a few balls in to him.


Think Cork have the better forwards , Waterford doing silly things . Its these inspirational points that get you over the line .


Oh sickener , lovely vision from Gleason.


Goal. Now forget the sweepers and go at them.


With the amount of wides a draw wouldn’t be difficult to see either.


Woah! Great finish




World class … world class …


There you go! If they win this he will miss the final🙈


Momentum completely switched


Going to be interesting alright.


It was deliberate , I couldn’t see how he could defend it .