All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


There could be more goals here , wouldn’t count out Cork yet .


Waterford defending has been very good in this patch here .


Harnedby has been anonymous


This will be a sweet win for Waterford if they win this .


I’d be with them horse …


Two of them could be sent off here .


Physical team…should at least give Galway a game🙄


Hard to argue against that .


DRA are going to be busy…Waterford will have Brolly on the phone already


Does a red rule you out of the final ?


Yes. Waterford snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


can’t argue with that one. He deserved to go. Won’t get off either.

Austin will get away with it wait for it.

Either way Galway are going to win the AI in my view


Stupid stuff :neutral_face:


Yep straight red does


On what grounds ?


The flakiness returned to Cork. The lads who went missing in the past reverted to type. A hiding now!

What do ya say about Lehane now Bart?


Still scored 0-3 from play.

Game turned on the red card. Wterford looked second best till then


They don’t like the physicality. They love showboat hurling and scoring points from everywhere, they don’t like to have to work for it


O-2 - didn’t touch the ball for nearly an hour.


11 point win, that’s a paddling.