All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


He’s a class player though. Maybe not today, but he is class


Huge crowd. Gaa must be glad cork are back in contention.


But you’d concede that nobody could possibly say on any level Waterford were definitely going to win prior to the sending off .


Fair play to Austin Gleeson. Think it was him who chased down a lost cause and setup second Waterford which changed the game. I’m liking Jamie Barron.Is ruthless and first instinct is go for goal. He done same against Kilkenny


Austin doesn’t like it either. Great player in time and space. But he only showed up when Cahalane got the line.


Goes missing when most needed - always has done. Ger nailing it.


Where’s your man from Clontarf/Setanta now :kissing_heart:?

Waterfords stick work was excellent and fully deserved win.

Didn’t seem to be negative tactics today scoring 4-19. Fair play to Mc Grath his job is to progress and improve this team and he did that and hats off to him.


If Cahalane didn’t get the line. That game goes to the wire. A facile win for Waterford in my opinion.

Ger would be slating the waterford system if they lost. He goes with the flow . Dunphy mark2


Corkness index declining .delighted .

Will enjoy the trips to Waterford in next few weeks .


Brolly on the way down in the car as we speak to his new summer house in Tramore.


Hard to see how Gleeson will get off but wait for it. The CCC won’t investigate.


He was on RTE radio yesterday. Apparently he had been contacted for advice. He seemed to take that as a request to represent at the hearing. Then they went ahead without him. He sounded gutted. Don’t think they want to involve him. IMHO both will miss the AI. No way could you say Austin’s was anything other than deliberate. It was worse than De Burca’s and he didn’t play today.


But DeBurcas was handled there and then. Gleeson’s will be retrospective ( maybe) which allows for serious appeals


No excuse for fluting around with someone’s helmet after de burca missed out today. No sympathy for him if he misses out.


His goal was bloody amazing though. Goal and save of the season in the one game.

Nice to have a novel final.

Kingston very honest there and gracious. If only he wouldn’t ref the games.


Interesting him saying he missed one of the incidents .Considering he seemed to be in the ear of the linesman all day.


This is the great thing . A new winner now , a nice shake up from considered stalwarts .


Up for the match will be different :joy:


Austin Gleeson won’t get done for that. Not after they let Touhy from Galway away with it last Sun.

Ref should have shown bit if common sense re Conor Gleeson sending off. It was barely a tap. Cork player made a meal of it. Hard to see him getting off on that one.


The hooks, blocks and flicks from Waterford were unreal, the flick from Gleeson before he put the ball across for Barron’s goal was unreal.

Some goal individual goal then from Gleeson.