All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


You can’t “let him play”. No one can. He got a straight red. Unless he didn’t commit the offence or there is some egregious issue with his hearing then that’s that. Harsh but them’s the rules. Beyond stupid what he did. Austin Gleeson too needs to be looked at, if only on the basis that one of his own team mates missed today’s game for the same reason.


Just back from Croker, with the parents being both from Waterford, up until 2011 I had known nothing other than quarter/semi final heartbreak from both Dublin and Waterford. I had never appreciated how luck we are watching this Dublin team, its far easier watching them than it was today - I know we pulled away and won easily in the end but christ me nerves before that. It’ll be a shame if Austin Gleeson misses out but he only has himself to blame - in terms of brainfarts on the pitch he matches Dermo. Too often mixes the subline with the braindead. I didn’t see Conor Gleeson’s incident but hearing about it it doesn’t sound good for him. Those incidents have left a bit of a sour taste after a sweet sweet victory.

On a side note after the game I managed to get Jaimie Barron for POTY at 25/1 before his odds shortened to 4/1. If we win the final and keep Joe quiet, it could be a great aul ‘investment’.


Loughnanes analysis on it was weird .You’d be hard pressed to put up a valid case to get him off ( Conor ) .Austins will be very interesting . Tbh I hope it does become a farce because it will show them up for their incompetence so far this year dealing with suspensions .


I was the same. I am no fan of that PROC shower at all so was a Deise man today. Obviously. Was a terrific goal. Individual skill and determination. Game changers!


I was watching it from the Davin Hogan corner and from that distance I couldn’t understand what was going on, Gleeson just kept running and changing direction and then the net shakes. Saw it tonight about ten times, absolutely brilliant. His helmet incident looked bad when played in slow motion but not much worse than the Galway one last week which was unpunished.


Why are people questioning Austin Gleasons availability?


Because he pulled a lad’s helmet off, much like the Galway lad last week. Can’t be certain he’ll be available until CCCC have met and adopted the ref’s report.


Aa blatant as it was if that is an issue then our game is fucked


Are you having a laugh?


It’s quite simple. Don’t pull the helmet off opposition players and you won’t be banned.

Already everyone is hoping he gets off because they want to watch him in the final. Gaa can’t win on discipline.


Why is the Galway lad not suspended so. It looked blatant.


None of the big three in the final that is very positive for hurling. I was sitting beside a lot of Cork folk today they weren’t too complimentary about the Dublin minors so i had to shout for Waterford. They were shell shocked with the result and blamed it all on the first sending off, they mystified as too how a ref could give a double yellow in an all-Ireland semi-final to change the result and without being bitter I had to remind them of Ryan O’Dwyer in 2013.

As for Waterford indiscipline could now be there downfall for the final Conor Gleeson’s red mean they’ll miss him in the final. They may try to argue it was a yellow for rough play but in fairness to the ref he took his time and consulted with linesman to strike or attempt to strike with hurl is a red card and one match minimum ban whether it be the first round of the league or the semi-final. It was headless for Conor Gleeson.

Austin Gleeson and the helmet incident is in the same category, completely headless and given what went on with De Burca just so needless. If the ref and officials had of seen it he’d have got the straight red now all he can hope for is a CCCC procedural mess up. So needless and so stupid.


Not quite as obviously deliberate, but he’s s lucky boy.


The ref and Linesman were both near the Austin Gleeson incident and they must have seen it to some extent. If they did then it is dealt with and no more action will be taken. That is what I’m hoping anyway.


It wasn’t dealt with. It’s a clear carding offence. No card was shown.


Just such a pointless thing to do, was he already on a card?


But the ref in the Galway match saw the helmet pull and decided no action was needed and put that in his report and that was the end of that? So…


I can only think the CCCC didnt go for him because his hand was behind him and technically couldnt see what he was doing, I dont doubt he knew what he was at but am just guessing that was their reasoning.

Must admit that the whole did the ref see and deal with it on the day thing has been skewed since the Connolly incident im not sure on the technicalities of it if its in the refs report etc. Conor Gleesons is a stone cold ban Austin just might get lucky but if there is any consistancey and if they want to stamped it out I think he would have to be suspended too. Just so needless and headless.


Tipp star had the non action on the helmet, and other referee issues as a big factor in losing. Everywhere is the same it seems


You said Waterford wouldn’t touch Cork weeks ago or their system wouldn’t stop good forwards, and I argued that theyve the system set up to a tee and allow them to compete and push Cork all the way.
Who’s to know whether Cork would have won if they had 15? Only fact is they didn’t and lost because Waterford were the better team overall and Cork didn’t have one real attempt on goal.
Waterford are improving all the time whether you like the system or not. Their shot accuracy is now at 51% up from 43% last year. Teams are finding it hard to score goals against them and as a management team that’s what you do first, get your defence sorted out.

BTW you would need a ladder to piss down my neck :kissing_heart: