All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


My post stands. After Cork had a player sent off, Waterford took over. Unless Galway have a similar disaster, they will win the final. If they don’t, then you’ll be able to have the gloat that you appear to need. As for your neck and ladders, if there is something we need to discuss, just message me.


All ifs and buts and point still remains the same Cork lost their discipline but I think Waterford were getting on top and we’re finding holes. Apart from Horgan Cork had nothing else up front and aren’t great, they had one good season.

No gloating here I just can see why teams play the way they are and don’t follow the so called traditionalists. FWIW I think Galway will take them as they won’t need goals to beat them.

If we’d a manager who got us competitive and progressed us playing whatever system he wanted I wouldn’t care less how bad or ugly it was to watch but Waterford yesterday was far from ugly on the eye.


Everything you said there makes sense. I am being unfair on Waterford because I hate the sweeper system so I am biased. Maybe I shouldn’t be but I can’t help It! I loved the way Waterford used to play, the swashbuckling shootouts. I believe Davy started them on this road by telling them there was no other option, which was a lie. They were in division one at the time, as far as I remember. He started this and McGrath continued it. I think it is not good for hurling and even though they have tweaked It, as McGuinness did in Donegal, I just don’t like it. Today’s Irish Times talks of hurling snobbery. People are peddling the entirely false argument that the top three play traditional hurling and despise the minnows for trying something different. The reality is quite different. It was Kilkenny and Cork who changed hurling, in the noughties. The purest hurlers were actually Offaly in the 90s. If Galway win in September, they will do it by striking the ball long into lads who can catch it. That is traditional enough for me. If Waterford win, I’ll be happy for them but worried that more counties and clubs will copy them.


Winning Munster doesn’t seem to do teams much good when come up against a qualifier team with momentum. So many Munster champions lose their next game in the Semi final.


Winning seems to be a disadvantage in Munster. The 5 weeks waiting must be hard to manage


Look at the turnaround in fortune between waterford and cork since they met in munster. Nothing beats games.


Cork looked like winners until Cahalane got the gate. Waterford scored 3.6 after he was sent off. He’s the full back.

Yesterday was not a victory for the sweeper system. It was caused almost entirely by a very poorly disciplined Cork hurler who should actually have been sent off after twenty minutes.

Waterford could be taken apart in the final yet.


Ttrue, gave Moran a bad stroke across stomach in 1st half after ball


Just what I was thinking!!

Well done Deise. The spell of play from 2 points down was just fantastic, pure Waterford, dont let any man down talk take away from it. Plus the pass for the first half goal was brilliant. Should be a great final. Galway should do it but Waterford have learned alot of lessons in the last 10 years and have harnessed some great talents properly at last. Galway have won the higher standard semi-final and on top of their game all summer


How will the puriests react if Waterford win ?


Don’t care, hope they spontaneously and collectively combust, the elitist cnuts. Anyway I think Galway will win and I’ll be happy whichever does but Galway have been a bit closer the last few years and are always great to watch but Waterford in their way have been hurling saviours the last 10 years, all they owe anyone is to owe themselves the best shot at winning. Like Dubs football 2010/11


A bout of foot and mouth disease is being hatched, somewhere in The Golden Vale, in order to cancel the final for good. 2017 will be wiped from the hurling annals.


Will be interesting. Galway have lost a lot of finals ( 6 since 1988) and unperformed in the last one, they’ll be favorites but will surely feel the pressure of expectation.



Back Mayo then so !


They have better hurlers in every line of the field . Waterford will find the sheer physicality of Galway a problem .


has anyone on here ever accidentally pulled an opponent’s helmet off in a match? never managed it myself but then there was a lot of things I couldn’t do on the pitch

just asking, like …


Every line of the field… your gone into hyperbole again…

This is the game Galway wanted least, they would have eaten Cork I have no doubt but a Cork team with 4 u21s playing gave had a great season. Now they need to work out how to get Lehane and Harnedy deliver in a croke park pressure game, and a sideline that reacts quicker. Did Michael Cahillane touch the ball in 2nc half and they waited til 64 mins to bring in Farrell and Kearney.

Have Galway ever beaten Waterford in championship ??

Loads of questions still about Galway, full backline, midfield, can Gearoid Mcinerney play to the new levels of 2017 again, can aidan harte avoid being exposed .

Some interesting matchup, Conor Whelan will hardly get it as easy from Noelie Connors, fives or de Burca on Joe Canning, fives or de burca sweeper, who picks up jamie Barron

Will Galway persist with dropping Joseph Cooney so deep…

How much relevance had the salthill league game


I’ve pulled me own helmet off a few times.


Good Jebus Beeko,

That’s bleedin outrageous!


that must be worth six months at least, or an All Star. Can’t decide which