All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Let’s have a wager


I want in on that action.


I hope you’re not referring to my helmet comment?


Salthill league game will have no relevance whatsoever as Galway are a far more tuned outfit now than they were then.
I’d imagine Johnnie Coen to take on Barron as he is a good man marker. MacInerney and Austin Gleeson will be a very interesting match-up. MacInerney is probably the bigger man ( 6’4 and almost 16 stone ) and better in the air but Gleeson is probably not going to stay at centre back. Galway probably have better ball winners inside than Cork had.
An intriguing tussle no-doubt but as Bart has said Galway probably have the better hurlers


Just imagine that hoor burying a shoulder into ya :ambulance::coffin:


Tuohy had a reef of Trollier’s helmet (Feck off Beeko!) in Tullamore last May - Barry Kelly gave a free out naturally. He was lucky he got off in that one with Bonner.

Looked every lumbering inch of it when Ben Quinn’s out and in move for his goal done him.

It was Mark Ellis - petulant act. Tommy Tom Carr got 6 months for less back in the day!!


The Dubs team that beat Donegal…who introduced the sweeper system to football…and did huge damage…yes I agree with you on that. But you are not a snob…and I am?


Whaaaaaa? Dubs team that beat Donegal? What you talkin abou’ Willis?!


Not sure if this deserves a thread of its own/ AI final thread should be about hurling, but a good piece, which outlines why the Austin Gleason decision is wrong, and why discipline is not working properly in GAA: Opinion: Gleeson reprieve no cause for celebration


Hard to argue with any of that.


Along the lines of a conspiracy theory/similar to Connolly case as ref report had a big bearing: the only way AG could get off was by ref mentioning it in report…maybe ref was, indirectly or otherwise, influenced to mention the incident in the report?


You’d have to imagine this ref won’t be seen anytime soon in a big game


This is where it goes wrong, whether something is in a refs report or not, pulling someone’s helmet off during a match should be a ban - i dont care if the ref saw it or not, AI final or not, good player or not- zero tolerance bans will kill this nonsense off for good. Instead we have the usual fudgery and we’ll wonder where the next sucker stands when he does the same thing.


But then it becomes trial by television Tayto - which we all rail against. And we’re into the definition of what is clear cut, what is intentional, what warrants a ban etc. Dermo is an example here in some ways. And then you are penalising teams who are televised. Same things could be happening at lesser intercounty games but not picked up - so there goes your consistency. I’d much prefer the ref to ref the game than TSG.

But if the GAA want to bring this kind of thing in then do it in a structured fashion like post-match citing in rugby by a commissioner - and not by Pat Spillane or the rabble on Twitter.


well indeed - they’d have to do that.


Is this not a bit of a contradiction? Post match citing would require the tv footage and the games involving lesser counties may not have the same (if any) amount of cameras covering them.

For what its worth, I believe that players should be suspended for all serious infractions, whether captured by the ref, citing officer, CCC, or whoever. Use of all technology should be permitted and it should make no difference whether the ref feels he dealt with it at the time or not. (Should be the case as the opposite already happens where red cards are reduced to yellow / rescinded, etc!!)

There are also too many avenues of appeal. Why not have it like other codes and have one body to deal with appeals and give them the authority to increase the suspension if they deem the appeal to be frivolous.


I don’t agree with it in principle but am suggesting IF it is to be introduced it has to have an official structure i.e. Citing commissioner rather than ‘public outcry’.


I think there is a danger in going down that road in defining what a serious offence etc is. For instance, how would you have seen the Dermo incident feature in this scenario?

That said I’m not vehemently opposed to it but given the GAA’s history with crime and punishment etc I don’t know how it would be received and would also have concerns about subjectivity etc.


Have a listen to the Off The Ball discussion on “Justice in The GAA”. They are of the opinion it is working and that the ref may or may not of put it in his report but he would of been asked about it.


Under the current rules Dermo interfered with a match official and received the minimum suspension for that infraction. Whether I agree with it or not, they are the current rules and perhaps these rules require updating. Again, whether it is reported by the ref, a citing officer or the CCC, it should make no difference - all avenues should be open and serious misconduct (as per rule book) by players be investigated.

Have an “independent” body like the DRA hear the first and only appeal and as I said previously, have everyone aware that proposed suspensions can be increased if the appeal is deemed frivolous.

The above suggestion relates to Inter County activity - not sure how it would filter down to the County scene!!