All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017


Yeah watched it again. it was Brogans ball yer man wasn’t near him and it was goin in the net or at least over the bar. Brogans well able to run, the ref just saved them a few more tears. Up THE DUBS


Oh snap ! :joy: :joy: :joy:


he certaintly does, especially against THE DUBS


Ah not in the '11 final after the game finished . We hadn’t inflicted any pain on Mayo at that stage .


it was indeed, you also have to consider that scully launched that ball after the whistle went, if the game had been going on he would ahve passed to it brogan who would have got at least a point from it.

it was very obviuous how “dublin” joe was giving them every extra second he could to give them a free in any sort of tussle for possession.


100% correct


Whaaa? He did pass it to Brogan, who else did you think he was passing to?

It was far from going to be a score. The most sensible and likely result was Brogan holding it up, much as we might like to think of glory, glory hallelujah


Nah…I think he would have gone for it. In that much space, with no one near him. I think he wudda given it a lash. If not a goal, then a point at the very least. The insurance point, if you will, just like Dermo against Kerry last year.

(Well, it’s an insurance point to anyone with half a brain. It’s “a cruel, cruel dagger to the heart” if you are Martin Carney. :grin: )


Oh I laughed out loud at that. We are bad bad bad people.


But its great to be A DUB. Yeeeee Haaaaaaaaaa


There was a few very squeaky bum moments when we held possession … Berno… Cooper and cluxton nearly gave me heart attacks … Some day please give us a easy final day out lads


Looking again there Kevin Mc’s last ball to Niall Scully was near to a disastrous block too!!!


Some pass under pressure though .


That last minute. Christ. You would want balls of steel to be doing that keep ball. Absolute legends them fellas.


Cooper in particular was to the fore in that period. I know it was at times too close to Mayo players for comfort, but he showed brilliant ball control and energy to keep the ball when all the Mayo players were spent.

I actually think Cooper should get an All Star even though he won’t

I had a look at the All Star committee and it includes Declan Bogue – Other than Spewan you don’t get more anti Dub than that guy


How unfortunate.


Jonny was immense especially down the Cusack line while being tripped. There were also a few late hits when the ball was released - one on Brogan early on could have given Deano a difficult chance - but no way would Dublin Joe have given us anything in that regard … We were also a man down don’t forget.


I think Dermo should get an all star for wearin the vest in the warm up and another one for his 2nd half display. That’ll make up for just 2 of some of the ones he’s been robbed of


By the time he would’ve got it that back would have been right there, if he had tried to dummy him and got tackled, quite possible(50-50, even 40-60 gets tackled too risky) turnover or free for over-carry, even if not over-carry. Whereas take him on a chase towards the sideline, cut back etc. Berno not a glory hunter.


Plenty of “ooohs” and “ahhhhs” in that commentary from Marty and his buddy. Pornesque, almost.