All Ireland SFC Final, Dublin v Kerry, Croke Park, Sunday September 1st 3.30pm

“Yous alright there in The Kingdom Johnnie? Keep her between the hedges lad!”

Not sure what you’ve seen to make the above ridiculous statement. I think you need to educate yourself before making stupid statements… I’m a regular reader but don’t often post.

Read a few of my posts and you’ll see what colours I wear…

Luckily… I’ve only missed 1 final since 74… does that date ring any bells for you…

Wait…so my attempts at flogging Tyrone’s max strength laxative drinks here have been in vain?!

You people turn me.

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Yeh that’s the confidence of the man, and he will instill that in his players. First time in a long time they’ve had a coach who’s well able to handle the media

Ahh cool yer jets, I was just wondering what it was you could have posted in response to whatever I said that the mods decided to put the red triangle child warning over before you removed it. I assumed it was in response to my comment about what Kerry say about Philly…

It’s not dread of Kerry, it’s dread of the signs of increasing overconfidence amongst our own. Confidence is good but some of the stuff starting to come out is not. And yes, we do have one or two real weaknesses, which haven’t necessarily been fully tested yet this year, not since the league.

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How many of them were in Croker on Sunday I wonder :thinking:

If everyone predicted the same outcome…it’d be boring.

I like the fact that opinions here range from complete confidence to nervousness. With my dodgy predictions thrown in.

Truth is none of us know…which only adds to the build-up. Sure would you want it any other way?

T O’Se said 50/50.

But out of 34k…I’d say maybe 15k Kerry fans.

Whatever the split, there was more Red and White.

Well, there’s the doubt that perhaps Mayo weren’t really as good as we thought they were being at half-time, therefore the great spell of scoring was as much down to their weaknesses as our attack? Keegan just looked to be really the wrong man to have on Con. Though maybe nobody else for them would have done any better.
Everyone is raving about our performance but almost nobody is raving about Kerry’s comeback.
In answer to your question, people can post honestly and get carried away at the same time! Nothing wrong at all with confidence but overconfidence is an issue I believe, if it starts to take hold in a major way.

In terms of moments that change games as you mentioned, I’m thinking more of moments at the end of games where there was nothing in it, such as 2017 when ■■■’s free hit the post and landed best for Fento. That said, Fento reacted the quickest, and very calmly. Next thing we were winning the free that Deano won the match with.
And in 2016 in the replay, Fitz makes a brilliant turnover and clearance, and right at the death CK makes a fantastic fetch in the maelstrom of the midfield. Drawn semi-final game in 15 with Mayo having come back and all the momentum with them, we calmly controlled the ball at the back. And of course, at the very end of the final in 17 there were so many small moments around the field as we held onto possession under the highest pressure imaginable.

I’d prefer if the whole forum was full of pessimists just like in 2011!!


Well if it makes you feel any better…I’m not exactly Mystic Meg.

Reckon my predictions here are 50/50.

Which in a way isn’t bad if I’m predicting either a 3pt or 10pt win!

Ps. Top tip for next season: put your mortgage on Tyrone winning Sam.

I have never been superstitious and I hope I never will be, touch wood.


A friend of mine put it like this - he hopes that history repeats itself in the five in a row and that Kerry lose.

It’s going to be a battle of defences, id prefer a comfy three or four point lead throughout a bit like 2015 where I never felt we were going to lose, but that’s just for the nerves. I’d steel myself for a one pointer. Just a win of any sort. I think we can do it.


If that happens the Dingle Liberation Front will probably try to hack the site and change it :wink:

  • Excuse me, are you the Dingle Liberation Front?

  • F**k off. We’re the Liberation Front of Dingle

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It’s unusual actually how many non Dubs I meet who want to see the 5 in a row. I guess people want to see history in their lifetime. I wanted Kilkenny to do it for the same reason.

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2 more weeks of build up will be excruciating for the aul nervous system

Never forget the week after on here. This place was something else, between lads ecstatic, teary, emotional, drunk or hungover (or all of the above) it was madness in a brilliant way.

Wonder do we have the AI 2011 thread archived, would be great to re-read? Fairly sure it was the old website??

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What a great idea! Yes eight years has gone by in a flash and so so much has happened. We live in a different world too, alls changed, changed utterly as a certain writer said.

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I want Kilkenny to do it, also. And Mannion. And Con. The lot of them.