All Ireland SFC Final, Dublin v Mayo, Croke Park, September 18th 2016


the Mayo away trip is the best one after the Kerry (killarney) one. I’v always enjoyed a night out in castlebar on away games. The banter is good.


Ah go on, tell us more, you cant just leave it like that! Was it Damo and Anto on the Duchies asking where Wheeeeeeelllllooooooo was?


You think he’s talking about me?


Who is this?


You’re being paranoid.




@mayoman You looking for transfer??? I know a great Hurling Club looking for players. We’ll even let you wear the Mayo Jersey in Training.


A Mayo man with a Hurley is a dangerous proposition :slight_smile:


Jesus Bud, don’t start ARMING them. :slight_smile:


Higgins isn’t bad with a bit of Ash.


Exactly, sure look at this Mayoman, a dangerous proposition at everything he does!


First time he ever held one, I reckon. Right thumb out of place.


Oh that happened when he had his thumb stuck up europes arse - it was never the same since.


Bertie could do with a smack of that hurl…:wink:


Bertie got one when he was younger, hence the look…


This lad has thrown a grenade into Mayoblog :joy:

Paul Huggard says:
December 16, 2016 at 6:03 am
It seemed to me that all that mattered down in Mayo prior to the final and the replay was how you were going to take over Hill 16. I knew you were beaten there and then. Always focusing on the stuff going on off the field. All-Ireland’s are won on the pitch. You seem to forget Dublin got two black cards over the two games, and should have got a third. They got on with it, as Mayo did. Changing your goalkeeper had nothing to do with the media. Self-inflicted. And as long as you keep looking outside for excuses you will end up watching Sam going somewhere else. Every time it seemed like Mayo were about to make the big push in the two games, it never came. Your team is good at fighting back, what about forging ahead? Is it a mental issue. The answers lie within. Not in the press. Worry less about Hill 16 and things like that. Do you think the Dublin players or the Mayo players for that matter gave two hoots who was standing where? In Dublin we just wanted to see Stephen Cluxton lifting the trophy and we got our wish, because Ehen it came down to it we had just a little bit more in the tank. I feel that the amount of expectation and over confidence in Mayo puts huge pressure on your team. Dublin were exactly the same in those sixteen barren years. You need forwards. Forwards win All-Ireland’s. A team with a good defence, but limited attacking options will always get found out in the end. My money is on Mayo to win the All-Ireland the year the curse ends. Now wouldn’t that mess with all our heads! Best of luck for next year.


Belter of a post but sure we have heard it a 100 times at this stage .


Sean Burke says:
December 16, 2016 at 5:29 pm
See your hill16, you can keep it. This mayo supporter will never go on it again unless i really have to. Absolute tramps i was surrounded by in the replay. ” ouuta ere ya fookin inbreed pri ck” shoved by two women in the process. I swear on my kids lives , absolute dirt bags.
Dave says:
December 16, 2016 at 10:50 pm
Agree with Sean. Dirtbags of the lowest type that pass as “fans” inhabit hill16 on Dublin days. I’d prefer to lose 10 more finals in my lifetime and call Mayo my home than live near them.
When Mayo finally win their all Ireland, it will be won and not bought, and Sean you can tell them that and see what they say.

I’d rather you lose 10 more finals too Dave! :smirk:


Jesus, the way they’re going, we all going to live to see them lose a lot more than 10.:smirk:


Doesn’t escape the fact that we have a fair few low lifes at our games …