All Ireland SFC Final, Dublin v Mayo, Croke Park, September 18th 2016


As they have at theirs!


Nah Rochey - we have far too many imo. Things have got worse - we have a hugely embarrassing amount of support that have never soloed a ball in their lives …


That’s a bold statement , would that be folk in the Hill or just in general ?


Well @mayoman , few choice words there


What do you want me to say? I can’t tell if those are made up stories or genuine. I didn’t want to bring it up as it may sound like being a sore loser but in 2013 I learned after my aunt had a bottle full of water fired at her. She will never go into the hill again. I think ye do have more of these type of dickheads than any other county but that is only because ye have a bigger population and more fans. No way does it represent true Dublin fans or colour my judgement. Just like what a few dozen Mayo fans on a social media page say does not represent the wider Mayo Gaa community. Anyway looking at the indo today we are about to be receiving much unwanted attention yet again…sigh


I’ve never soloed a ball in my life. What has that got to do with it? I also go to the hill. I’m also a woman. I can assure you i am far from a dirtbag. Its a gross stereotype. Not doubting at all we have some absolutely embarrassing supporters…as ALL county teams do. I could list the amount of abuse i have gotten down through the 30 odd years I’ve supported Dublin but why would i?? I would not be so utterly stupid as to tarnish a whole set of supporters because of one or two idiots.


Well now that you mention it, no some Dublin fans were not welcomed. There was half a dozen incidents throughout the game in the stand where Mayo fans felt brave screaming in the faces of a handful Dubs fans while they were vastly outnumbered. It almost came to blows towards the end of the game between a group down the front. There was a very nasty atmosphere at that game




:joy::joy::joy: brilliant


Be interesting to see this in full later. I wonder will they name the “small group of players” influencing things. Always thought that rumour was a load of bullshit but they appear to be confirming it here. Staggering really.


If you are going to use my avatar in replying then no point in mentioning words I never used or things I never said or generalisations I never made. I did use the reference to soloing a ball in that many of the worst fans / behaviour I have witnessed is from people who I would reckon have never played the game or been part of a club - it’s an observation. Thousands of great supporters fall into that category too - I am not saying playing or GAA membership is a pre-requisite to support the team. I never mentioned the Hill either - or women.

It is also true that all other counties have bad supporters. I just wish our ones would stay away because they are a blight on Dublin GAA.


Just opening the indo now. Some spread on it. Will post any important bits I come across


Outside influence believed to be Aido’s Diary …


If you were chocolate you’d eat yourself!


Poor Aido threw his toys out of his pram cause he couldn’t go to the very glamorous North East of England city, Sunderland, for his annual dose of ego massaging. Seamus wanted Hennelley in goal as did Aido who emailed his opinions on the team sheet. What a mess.


He sent an email about team selection??? That is absolutely cowardly



Agreed. I watched the first half of the monsoon game from the stand. The atmosphere was v chilled and sedate. Moved to the terrace behind the Dublin goal for the second half & it was a very different story. Some of the worst stuff being yelled was by young lads, full of themselves, beer and the occassion. They didn’t lick it off the stones.

My Dubs gear was covered up by rain gear, As I don’t exactly resemble the stereotypical, tatooed, Hill 16 bruiser, who would give it right back to them in spades, they probably felt very comfortable and, in their element, acting the hard man. I’d say there isn’t a peep out of them, when they come to Dublin.


Who? Aido or Dub09? :smiley:


Madness, just madness… I don’t care who you are, if you send me an email giving out about team selection, there is no way you’re in my panel for the foreseeable future