All Ireland SFC Final, Dublin v Mayo, Croke Park, September 18th 2016


Have read the article in full. Reflects very poorly on the players. They don’t mention too many names but it’s bloody obvious to all who they’re talking about.

Some here have a love in with Mayo out of sympathy, empathy or whatever. I don’t like Mayo, their players their entitlement, their unending desire to be be liked / pitied / admired / acknowledged / aggrieved. They’re up their own arses!

I also don’t like this moral superiority of some here every time some gobshite from Mayo or wherever posts abuse about Dublin supporters on the Hill. I have gone to the Hill my whole life, stand with & beside the most decent & committed Dublin GAA supporters you will find anywhere from wide variety of Dublin clubs. Whether it’s in the stands or on the Hill there will be some who behave badly. That’s society that’s life but those with the view of themselves here as somehow superior because they sit on their arse during a game can go and fook right off!

Now back to Mayo making clowns of themselves again…


This was more what I was referencing tbh @mayoman


The letter sent by the Mayo squad last year to the County Board.

Sweet Jesus.

I actually don’t know where to begin dissecting that. Words and thoughts literally fail me. I’m not even sure that this isn’t some kind of windup, it can’t be true. If that is an insight into the state of Mayo senior football, then the only thing that we have to worry about preventing the 3 in a row is Kerry.


One thing that this interview will do is put further spotlight upon the decision to drop Clarke for Hennelly for the final.

You’d also have to wonder how Clarke could bring himself to return to the team next year when there’s players actively trying to get him dropped. Is Rochford also in a tight position now? Is he to be viewed as the yes man the bully boys wanted?


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. They’re a thoroughly unlikeable bunch.


Yet we only beat them by a point in a reply.


And ye all thought it was satire! :smile:


And history records they lost another final.

They were never in front in the first game, despite a virtual no show by us.
They never looked like winning the second game, we were almost completely in control for large parts of that game.

Not for one second do I suggest they are not a quality side, but winners they are not. Simply put, they are not a team.

10 Games in a row in the League and Champo, and they haven’t won one of them.

(Have you noticed our avatars reference the same TV show?).


I’d agree, but the the scary thing is had they beat us in the first game (which wasn’t inconviceable) they would be exonerated now for all those egotistical actions they took last year.
Will be interesting now to see will be called to task over their cowardly actions.


Well the 5 players named in the interview are AOS, SOS, COC, Keith Higgins and Hennelly. Hennelly doesn’t appear to have done much wrong himself but if he didn’t I think he would have appeared in the article as ‘a certain player’ or something like that.

If Rochford was serious about creating a team SOS and AOS would absolutely be removed from the panel. COC and Keith Higgins would also be chopped but may have more of a defence than the O’Shea brothers.

Looking forward to seeing how this is all Dublin’s fault on mayoblog


But they didn’t, and never will while this carry on is happening. It’s no coincidence that they keep losing by narrow margins when the game is in the melting pot. It’s at that point where your team spirit pulls you through. They are not a team. When you read that article it makes you realise how proud we should all be of our bunch.


I was replying directly to you regarding your statement re soloing the ball. Everything else i would have assumed you knew was directed at the idiot posting from the delusional mayoblog. Apologies if not


Sound - no prob.


When is the full interview going to be in the online edition? Off The Boil were talking about it all earlier. Another one of the players gripes, was that a team meeting was late, because a Palm Sunday Mass ran 15 minutes over. WTF? It’s like something out of a Fr Ted episode.


Apparently if it wasn’t for Denis Bastick/Maurice Deegan/Bertie Ahern/Bang Bang none of this would be an issue


“However, if the County Board declines to remove Pat Holmes and Noel Connelly as team managers, and if it refuses to allow adequate player input to the selection of a new manager, then with great reluctance, the players feel that we have no option other than to withdraw our services and cease to train with or represent the Mayo Senior Football Team until such time as we are satisfied that these requests have been met.”

I hope to god we never see anything like this in regards to our footballers in the future . Could well happen with the hurlers but that’s another story altogether . So what does this say about Rochford ? And more so what does it say about us that we nearly gifted this team a win in the first match :sweat:. Luckily we had a chance to rectify this in the replay . But had they been all singing off the same hymn sheet we might not be looking at a 3 in a row now !


I asked the same above. His position is untenable now. He’ll be viewed as nothing more than a yes man. I honestly can’t believe them rumours are true about players picking the team.

If the people of Mayo are serious about winning an All Ireland, they’ll be striking themselves until the the players involved are removed from the panel.

Who do these jokers think they are? I’ve every bit of sympathy for Holmes and Connolly. Them players are a disgrace


If you take out the instigators of that letter they are truelly finished as a team . Are we talking here COC , Leeroy , the O’Sheas , Higgins , Boyle ? Who are the ring leaders ?


I’d say it’s safe to say the two lads know what they were doing placing the names of players in their interview. It looks to me that the ring leaders are COC AOS SOS Keith Higgins and Rob Hennelly.

Edit, I think it’s safe to say they are already finished as a team @Unbelievable. They are a load of individuals at the minute.


Losers. And likely to remain so.

I could never quite put my finger in why I never really thought we would lose to them.

Now it makes perfect sense