All Ireland SFC Final, Dublin v Mayo, Croke Park, September 18th 2016


Getting them tonight … Hope they don’t hand over when buying a pint later … hate getting Celtic Crosses in me change … happening all the time lately …


Ah, God be with the days when we were a joke in Kilkenny and Kerry.

Now, we’re robbin’ their jokes about All Ireand medals.

What changed times we live in !


The irony is that the ringleaders - quite obvious who - are the ones who haven’t stepped up to the plate at all. AOS is a parody of himself - COC is a place kicker - nowt else.


At least CO’C does the biz with the frees. And Aido is a towering, powerhouse of a player. (Against Sligo. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

But who died and made Seamie O’Shea one of The Three Wise Men of The Mayo Dressing room? He got himself black carded in the 2015 semi final. His performance in the 2016 AI final, was one of the worst I have ever seen in Croke Park.

If he’d wants to be considered a leader in the dressing room, perhaps he should start being a leader on the feckin’ pitch first !


How many column inches did we fill here asking if that was enough from Deano … before he worked his arse off to become a far more central figure in the forward line …


I didn’t say it was everything. But at least it’s something. He’s earned the right to be heard in the Mayo dressing room. What has the younger O’Shea done, compared to that?


I think we have to ask the question as to how many of the players who were there in 2015 improved into 2016?

For me, the best players for Mayo this year were Lee Keegan (who apparently voted to keep the two boys) and the two new lads, Harrison and Durcan.

That to me says it all, underperforming players not questioned in the media and deified by those who I reallly thought would know better.


Colm Boyle was very impressive against Galway. Looked like the only Mayo player to actually give a damm.


I’d have Deano before COC any day of the week .Far more honest player as well .


I’m utterly depressed as a die hard fan who has a sick dad at home who would love nothing more to see Mayo win just once. The interview just confirms what I have heard over the past few months. I think big names need to be dropped. A few rotten eggs.


Would be a huge call for rochfort would he have the balls to do it?

On another note mayo should be making lee Keegan captain. I’ll admit I had previously viewed the player negatively with blue tints on. But in recent months listening to him been interviewed and the fact he voted against the heave on the former management suggests to me that’s the man you guys need as captain.


I think he’s a great shout for captain. He’s the only real standout in their team…Andy Moran too actually. I honestly dont know where they go from here. Can you imagine the atmosphere at training? Of course its entirely possible Rochford was privvy to all of this and more before his appointment and took the job anyway. However, the fact that Clarke was dropped for Hennelly may suggest otherwise or perhaps ot was his decision. Who knows! I dont rate AOS as anything more than just a battering ram. He reminds me of O’Gara for us before he worked on his shooting etc. I wonder will Rochford have the balls to cull the squad or at the least bench the troublemakers. Interesting times in Mayo!:see_no_evil:


Agreed. Has more big game moxie in his little finger, than the rest of the squad put together. I hope to God they keep their Whinger-In-Chief as captain, as we (and every other top team in the country) can’t but beneift from it. But Keegan would be a brilliant choice.

Mayoman, do you really think any big names would be dropped? Would that not create an even bigger stink? And do Mayo have the strength in depth to still be a contending team if they do? Fair play to you for your honesty.


I don’t think our current manager has the balls to drop anyone. It’s well known in Mayo a certain father of three players is sitting in on training sessions when he shouldn’t be. I think we need a jack o Connor type of even a pat gilroy. Someone from the outside who won’t take any shit. Our upcoming u-21 players by all accounts are recents lads as are most of the current senior team but a few bad eggs need to be ousted .


Who’s that? Daddy O’Shea or Daddy O’Connor?

Wasn’t Aidan O’Shea’s father up for a job with the U21’s last year and didn’t get it? Aido tweeted a not very complimentary remark about the Co Board that night, which got a lot of people wondering what was stirring between the players and the Co Board. There was also a lot of talk about the transport logistics after the second semi final replay last year. Some of layers had to get the Luas to the Red Cow to pick their cars up. Between that & the kerfuffle about the road trip through Donegal & the late Mass in Cork, they seems very trivial things to be getting that wound up over, in the grand scheme of things.


I honestly can’t get my head around this. Clearly Rochford isn’t the man for the job if this is happening. How are more people in Mayo not as unhappy about this as you are Mayoman? It’s a total mess.


Rochford sitting at a match with the boys tells you all you need to know.


Meanwhile on Mayo Blog




They should split Mayo in two - May and Mayo. All the O’s could go with Mayo (O’Connor, O’Shea etc) … problem solved.