All Ireland SFC Final, Dublin v Mayo, Croke Park, September 18th 2016


Its always Dermos fault.


The don’t foul blog reckoned it was right on his kickable limit based on his year to date.


Well said, nail on the head there!

No winners in this situation at all, everyone comes across poorly. I wonder will the Mayans boycott the Indo next year as a kind of us against the world/youse are all out to get us/Dublin medias fault/tinfoil hat siege mentality nonsense that passes for intelligent protest in GAA circles?


Exactly my point… if it was earlier in the game or if it was a NFL game, I could see him slotting it… the pressure got to him. I don’t think Mikey Sheehy or Brian Stafford or Maurice Fizt or Trevor Giles would have missed it.


Some posts mention how the two Mayo managers were just looking to get their own back… I would think ‘so what’, they are entitled to get their own back. These guys were embarrassed in front of the whole country and called not good enough - if it was me I would bury those players in all kinds of s***e. I think they were very restrained.

There is spin in all sides of this and next year no one will remember the half of it, so I wouldn’t take any of it overly seriously, but I would defend the rights of the the guys to defend themselves strongly.

If Cunningham ever gets out of Dublin hurling (please god), I am sure he will have a lot to say too. But it will be a one day wonder, he will have got it off his chest and things can move on.


But it shows the fine line between players being part of the process and over stepping the mark.

I do think Rochford is a good manager - however his first year in charge was completely undermined the players. We have no way of knowing if this team is the one he’d actually pick.
Because of the manner in which he came in he wasn’t in a position to drop anyone even if he wanted to.


Holmes and Connelly stressed the point that they held back until Mayo were done and dusted from the 2016 championship as they didn’t want to be raking all of this up, possibly affecting the team’s chances. Like most one here, I think they (Holmes and Connelly) have emerged the better from this as against the players.


doing it in december is actually the best time of the year from a mayo perspective anyway. its a long enough time till the league, an eternity to the championship so the heat will be long gone from this by then, and the lads have had their spake and its over and forgotten about by christmas.

there seems to be a broad spectrum of mayo opinion on this - from invective against Breheny having an agenda against Mayo to those who say that even if it is true if it wins them an all ireland who cares.

the reality is that mayo are one ball away from an all ireland. i believe that it is the fact they come so close (and have had so many replays) that it is causing emotions to be so high. if they crash out at QF or SF next year then the heat may go out of this - but I belive we’ll be meeting them again in the final (if our stamina hold out that far).

God knows what that would be like. I may move to Antartica and safely ignore some of the more cracked tin foil hat elements.


The players were probably too close to Horan for their own good and couldn’t come to terms with the new regime. I don’t think Rochford could have approached them any other way than he did given their track record of petulance.

It’s sh1t or get off the pot time for Mayo in 2017 for sure.


Jim Gavin is hugely frightening without being frightening …


The stuff about the O’Se’s is off the wall. Any manager worth the name would have told them to shut up or f*ck off. The mind boggles, it’s not as if they are world beaters even.


I blame Mammy. She told the Daddy to go down and make sure that lad wasn’t making her boys do press ups on the damp grass. Once he got out of the house and had a bit of a licence from Mammy he ran amok …


The game is up if you have players dictating that shit to ya. As someone else pointed out how the Mayo County Board actually let this happen is beyond me.


This, This, This.

The County board exist to prevent this kind of thing going down. The thing is, Mayo’s have been shown to be complete dinosaurs - They let this crap carry on, bypass recruitment process when it suits them, hum and haw about the appointment of someone to manage marketing of the Mayo brand (a no-brainer decision if ever there was one), and last but not least, mismanage finances to the point Croke Park have to step in to refinance a crippling debt.

If this was in Dublin, we’d be out with pitchforks and flaming torches.

/me puts on “I Heart DCB” t-shirt.


actually reading between the lines here is the following theory:

  • Mayo CB know there is a clique within the team (maybe as said very close to Horan) and they are determined to root it out/nullify it.

-Mayo CB appoint the two lads to do just that, but the fatal error is that one of them is related to a MCB official.

  • The lads set out to work, find that they cant break the clique and that the clique has outside help in the form of ex-players/whatever (this outsiders thing must be the elder o sea?)

  • as soon as they can, the lads are ousted by the forces they were brought in to curtail.

in effect the MCB know exactly what is up, but it seems that some of the players are so highly regarded within the county and the fans that they cannot be challenged and it may be the case that this has gone to their heads.

Rochford may or may not have been brought in under a new 50/50 decision making process with the MCB and the players (ie the clique).

I always thought the criticism of the county board in appointing the brother of an officer was valid (still do) but maybe they appointed him because they trusted him to be loyal to the CB and not a cabal.


you dont remember the John Bailey appointing himself hurling manager debacle? dont get me started on him…


Ah Jasus, don’t drag that flutes name up. The guy is a walking Father Ted episode.


I get what you’re saying but it was a clear bottle job. One of the things that infuriates me about COC is that ridiculous hop thing he does taking frees. If you watch it back you see he deviates from his normal routine. It’s normally a few hops that lead directly into a jog a kick. For that free he lost his shit and stopped after his hops then went again. Totally bottled it. Great point the previous week to take it to replay however


Wouldn’t agree there .Oh he’s ruthless too. Very ruthless in fact. But like Cody when you win …


Funny thing strikes me though reading so much satisfied or dismissive talk about how much of a basket case Mayo have been - if that’s true how come “the greatest Dublin team of all time” have struggled so much to get past them each time?