All Ireland SFC Final, Dublin v Mayo, Croke Park, September 18th 2016


How come they have struggled to beat us in a final?


Bit of an extreme comparison. I was actually shocked he missed it, don’t recall him missing any really important one before. Tiredness most likely
Gets alot of stick here,understandably,but also doesn’t get credit where due


Mayo have 1 win in last 10 league & championship game v Dublin. Think the greatest Dublin team of all time can be happy enough with that record.


They have 0 from 10 Lad…

Clarify, see if memory is failing me or not. (We lost twice in 2012, for context, one Champo, one League)

2013 League - Beat them handy in the last round.
2013 League - Beat them again in the league semi.
2013 Champo - AIF Win for us.

2014 League - O’Gara 2 goals see it all square, Cluko is sidelined with straight red.

2015 League - Total spanking in Castlebar.
2015 Champo - Draw first time.
2015 Champo - 7 pointer, that didn’t feel like one.

2016 League - Low scoring 2 pointer. Dire match in woeful conditions.

2016 Champo - Final - Mayo win - j/k.
2016 Champo - Final replay, win… again…


Was including replayed league game. Was that 2012/13? If it was 2012 then you’re right they have a big fat 0 wins! :grinning:


Replay was 2012. It was all Mortimer that night for the refix. They slaughtered us, Dermo was Red Carded.


And I have given him credit.


Honest question for ye…are ye happy to see Mayo pulling itself apart? I’ve seen comments online ranging from “I hope they never win anything” to "The GAA would be better off without Mayo"
I think this does not bode well and it could set us back a long time.


[quote=“mayoman, post:4991, topic:982”]
are ye happy to see Mayo pulling itself apart?[/quote]

Would say most aren’t pushed either way mayoman but your question answers itself. If people there can’t see the glaringly obvious then things won’t improve. Some Mayo lads wouldn’t be hugely popular but the likes of Leeroy would.


Honestly, yes. Have had more bad experiences with Mayo fans than all other counties combined. Plus the fact that you are direct rivals for Sam, I think anyone in Dublin or Kerry would be lying if they said they’d rather this hasn’t happened


F**k … caught lying … Xmas week and all …


Your with Hiller
Two bags of coal now to be ordered😊


No. But glad it has come out.

I think it will lose you a lot of the goodwill people had towards you.


I personally, do not take delight in any of this - but it is hard not to crack a coy smile from all the goings on.

If you guys fall apart, it weakens the championship as a whole. It’s not as good to watch, and it’s not as competitive. Winning is only really worthwhile if there is an honest chance of losing. The more teams that could take us down, the sweeter it is when they don’t. It’s a double edged sword, sure, but isn’t that the point of sport?

I think sometimes that our rural cousins forget we’re GAA fans too. It’s not the same with GAA in Dublin as it is elsewhere. Whereas (mainly) GAA is blanket support outside the Big Schmoke, Dublin support is smaller (but growing) pockets of resistance to a largely apathetic general populace.

I’m cutting out this crap before it becomes a love-in.

TL:DR - Mayo blowing up might be funny, but it’s no laughing matter.


I don’t delight in seeing any county implode, and it hasn’t happened to you yet. It will be a tough one for the gaffer both now and in the future.

By the way, I have to doff the hay to you coming in here and openly discussing this with us, fair play lad. Always good to have outside input, so to speak!


From a purely selfish point of view, any discord in the camps of our main rivals makes me happy, if it makes it easier for Dublin to win Sam again next year. I won’t patronise you by saying that the current drama makes me incredibly sad, or that the GAA needs a successful Mayo. If Mayo GAA goes through a barren period, some other county will step in and fill the gap.

But seeing amateur athletes going thru drama like this, is very regretful on many levels. They have to go to work tomorrow, just like the rest of us. They can’t just give their agent a ring, up sticks in the morning and go somewhere else, with their trophy wife. So on a personal level, I wish it wasn’t happening. Other than that, I’m not all that happy or sad, one way or another.

I think it may be a bit overblown to be honest. It may seem a big deal now, but so was Conor Mortimer leaving in a huff in 2012. So was the heave against H&C a year ago. Neither of those two things stopped ye from getting to the subsequent All Ireland finals. You are still in the top 2/3 teams in the country. That hasn’t changed. I fully expect you to be there, or thereabouts again next year.


I am of the thinking that the more competitive counties there are the better, so if this is to set Mayo back it is unfortunate, but entirely of their own doing, in saying that I don’t think it will do the damage people think, in fact it might give them a bit more drive.
I felt the two lads were treated very unfairly at the time and it seemed clear that the players were f…king about, so yes I am happy to see the sneaky weasels getting shown up for what they are.


I actually think all that goodwill nonsense (the Irish sentimental/self-fulfilling victim mentality syndrome) has been part of holding Mayo back. If this current catarthis convinces them to shed that yoke around the neck they may well take the final step. It can’t be argued that despite all the baggage etc they have still managed to be within a couple of points of either winning All-is or beating the eventual winners every year since 2012, that’s some level of performance. I do think they needed to be doing better in the league latter stages though. Nothing beats the habit of winning competitions IMO. Gives belief too


Good points. Mayoman I think apart from the specifics of this, any top team, any team with Mayo’s profile+ambitions etc goes through inevitable crisis every time they don’t live up to the ultimate expectations. The closer they get(on a regular basis), or conversely the harder they fall (Dublin 2009 for example) then the more soul-searching, and fractious debate gets aired.

I do think Kerry have managed their personnel+other ancillary issues better in the last few years but they had/have the advantage of plenty of recent success to fall back on. But they also have a higher level of demand for success. If they don’t win an All-is Snr. in the next 2-3 Yrs you can be sure to hear of recriminations+crisis emerging about whatever is supposedly holding them back etc.
Mayo have kept bouncing back more than any other county seniors since about 1996, I don’t see any reason that won’t continue til the holy grail is landed, whatever else goes on. The force is strong with them!