All Ireland SFC Final, Dublin v Mayo, Croke Park, September 18th 2016


Yer darn tootin’ ! :grin:


Well, apart from Cork… There’s always the exception to the rule!


I watched the second half of this game again last night. God, the amount of chances Dublin blew in the last 15 minutes was crazy. Some were very simple ones, missed because of wrong decision making, not opposition pressure.

off the top of my head, these were some of the misses

  • Fenton going through and could have taken it himself or laid it off for easy point, but was in two minds and slipped.
  • Fitzsimons going through and could have scored in his sleep, but gave the ball to Bernard, who demanded the ball even though he was just standing still and Fitzsimons had a much better chance.
  • James McCarthy wide - not so easy, but usually one he gets, off his left from that position.
  • Flynn picks the ball of the ground and sends it wide.
  • Costello scored hard ones, and then dropped possibly an easier one short.
  • Kevin Mc through - tries to find Connelly but can’t get the ball and loses the ball in the square.

When you put the tension of it all aside, which is just possible now after three months! The final balls / shots (apart from Costello) in the last 15 minutes were actually horrible. We should have won that game by 5 points at least and the last free would only have been for a consolation (or would actually have been lobbed into the square).

If Dublin can just get their technical stuff together next year consistently they will be in a good place. The last 15 minutes of the semi against Kerry were much better, where they knew what they were doing and they did it. O Gara’s score was a thing of beauty with the (pre-planned I assume) angled runs of Kilkenny, McCarthy and O Gara leading up to it.


No. I am a bit like St Agustine when it comes to mayo - i’d like them to win an all ireland, but not yet (if someone else dumps us out first then thats ok).

I like the elements of mayo support who are totally in love with the team, the county, and all that - but the way that transforms into the mammy protecting her little kid if someone dares to put in a tackle or beat mayo in a match is offputting to say the least. This manifests itself in some comments (exclusively online I must say in my experience) which are way beyond the pale, no pun.

Have to say i found being stuck with all the mayo support in the nally in the first final was a great experience, not one acrimonious event, felt sorry for a few of them, to see men of my own age utterly devastated was startling.

as for the team themselves - i greatly admire the belief they have in coming back again and again, and why wouldn’t they? you could say that on the law of averages they will get a sam, or you could say they have hit their level which is to be just behind the eventual winners (the Jimmy White of GAA)


People talk about mental scares on a team loosing all irelands. The same can be said for fans. Getting to finals and being involved in the whole celebration of the final build up is not enough for Mayo people anymore. I didn’t enjoy any of our games this year. It’s torture at this stage in just willing them to get over the bloddy line. I’d rather we get knocked early then loose another final next year being honest. I’m tired…that’s just how I feel. Credit to the players who keep coming back for more and il be there in January shouting them on but walking around the streets of Castlebar you can feel the tension (Christmas rush aside). Mayo is a goldfish bowel in that GAA is 24/7. I think it’s nice Dublin players probably get a bit more room away from fans and football talk then players in Mayo, Tyrone, Kerry might?


the experience we had at the final whistle in 2011 was spell binding after a 16 year wait ( though we didn’t contest one final during that period). I can only imagine what would it feel like for Mayo fans if it happened in a final after a 66 + X years wait and so many final defeats…

If mayo actually got in front by a point in injury time, i’d fully expect the ref on the day to blow up at earliest possible moment even if mayo players were time wasting and i’d imagine, the opposition team wouldn’t be given many 50/50 calls if they were chasing the game… Thing for mayo is that they haven’t been in that position yet since Colm Coyles equaliser in 1995. They are always chasing at the end,


It’s all relative, relatively speaking.


I will never tire of re-watching the last 10 minutes of that semi-final, it’s in the league with the last 10 of 2011+the 2013 semi-final,and you could also include last year’s semi-final replay from about 53 minutes.

The build-up to the OGara score was incredible stuff,even before the runs you highlight above. One of the commentators described those moments as the ball was so patiently played around as that the whole stadium had its breath sucked in.

It makes me think, a couple of years ago (and 2010/11) when we adopted, and then re-adopted a possession-holding style,and slowed our game down, at first it just looked weird, and many of us shouted in frustration at it. Those games mentioned above showed the fruits of those adaptations in full.


Not happy at all. I think it blights the whole GAA landscape that it is seen now that unless a manager or managers give the players what they feel they are entitled to so they can win the big prize they feel it is okay to undermine him/them.
It all seems pretty egotistic and childish from the outside but I am pretty sure the motivation is really just to get over the line and win the AI.
I won’t pretend to like all the individuals on the Mayo team but find it curious that the ones that seem to be implicated are the ones that I would over the past few years have lost respect for. AOS & COC being the main two.
I feel for Rochfort here more than anyone else, he has won the the club AI with Corofin and had them playing great football but how does he get that to translate to this Mayo team? As it seems that the majority of fans are siding with the players here. If it was me I would want these players to walk away from the set up and start again with a fresh crop that should have no baggage and could get you over the line.


Wouldn’t be happy one bit to see any of that happen. As I said before certain players on Mayo panel need to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror. If what’s happened over the last week or so is brushed under the carpet for 2017, I think it will have a huge impact on Mayo football beyond 2017.


I am not going to patronise anyone . . . Don’t like this Mayo team and I would not like to see them win an AI . .


I think there is not a simple solution. In the most part everyone is doing it for nothing, or not a lot anyway, so everyone deserves a bit of respect along the way (where outside managers are bought in and well looked after, it is probably a different story). But I think things have to be done by agreement. Managers have to bring the players along with their vision and players have to treat the manager (or at least the position of manager) with a bit of respect. When that falls down, all bets are off really and it leads to what we are seeing now. It is probably surprising it doesn’t fall down more often.

But in this instance, I think there is no onus on the ex Mayo management to walk away quietly. From their perspective they got shafted and they are kicking back, and that is the way of the world. But also, I think it is just a collection of circumstances and personalities that led to this. There is no smoking gun on either side - there is just a break down in communication. It also has to be remembered that most of the Mayo players are early or mid 20s - that is still very young and not that terribly experienced in the ways of the world.


I would like to see Mayo win an All Ireland. Yes every county has a few keyboard warriors. So have we. Very few counties have had to face as much heart-break, albeit some of it self-inflicted. Many decent Mayo GAA people have toiled hard and deserve a reward, even once. I think of all the times I have watched our hurlers hammered and was disconsolate beyond tears. I don’t wish that on anyone else.


Great post, maith thú.


Whilst I agree with most of that, the comparison to Dublin Snr hurlers does not seem to fit, Dublin footballers circa 1995 is the best I can think of. And even then with Mayo it’s the amount of denial of certain failings, the sympathy quotient from media+general discourse, the emphasis on ‘bad luck’. That said, perhaps denial is what makes coming back again+again possible. And I’d be the first to say the 2 goals in the drawn final were just terrible luck, the sort of thing that would finish a mentally weaker team (Mayo in the 00s), I felt they played really really well that day, 15 scores to 11 in those conditions, if they’d got over the line it would be the only time bar maybe the 96 final in all the major defeats that I would say they deserved to win.

We were steeped that day, muck for a large part. But in the context of the whole year, we deserved a 2nd chance, we were clearly the best team over the year, Mayo would have utterly mugged us but for the goals


As much as Dublin didn’t perform in first game in large part down to Mayo we still had more possession & more shots than Mayo. Bearing in mind also we were point up in injury time with a minute to go and sideline ball down at their 20m line. The view that Mayo deserved to win is more down to negative view of how Dublin played than anything Mayo did. We should have won second game comfortably as highlighted above.

Don’t necessarily think Mayo in pure footballing terms are any closer than they were to winning AI.


To clarify, I meant IF Mayo had won, they would have deserved it. This particular discussion was done to death on here, my opinion remains unchanged, they conceded two of the freakiest goals I’ve ever seen in major games, let alone a final. I’d put them in the top 5 unluckiest goals I’ve seen, and that’s two goals, in the same game, and one shortly after the other. And at a perfect time for us/terrible for them.

They had started really well, were clearly on top to me. We were struggling. Some say the goal chances created showed we were getting right into the game, even on top, I feel the missed chances were indicative of how the game was going for us. If the freak goals hadn’t gone in, there’s every chance it would have set us back, made us more uptight, and mistake-ridden than we already were. They could have built in confidence, got a bit of a lead.

That’s the context for me, it’s not your standard “coulda/woulda/shouda” at all, those two goals changed the game in a massive way. Some have pointed out they came early. Well not as early as the Donegal goals early in the 2012 final, or the Kerry goals in the 2006 final, yet everyone says those were the reason Mayo lost(2012) and we’re hammered(2006), so the clear conclusion to me is both that Dublin played poorly, and Mayo played very well.

And to repeat, IF they had won, they would surely have deserved it on the day. Us ‘having more possession+shots’ is fairly irrelevant, there wasn’t much in the stats, and taking chances is a requirement of being good enough, on a given day at least.

What happened in the replay is irrelevant to this discussion in terms of my point about Mayo/Dublin on the day, in the first game. We also argued the last sideline ball/Demos decision/hypothetical outcomes to death here before, I don’t see it as relevant to my point, even if Dermos decision was a bad one, as many have said, it would only support what I’m saying that Mayo played better on the day, and would have deserved to win. The main caveat is they didn’t quite do enough (not surprisingly, overcoming a freak 6-point deficit in a low-scoring game in treacherous conditions), and that’s the ultimate fact. Dublin’s burst of scoring in the last few minutes of the 70 meant Mayo ran out of time to have any chance to win. If they had another minute, would they have won? There is alot of evidence to say they wouldn’t, despite the fact they would have had the momentum very much, and should have been full of confidence+conviction after a great comeback. That’s the part we will never know but it doesn’t change my opinion that IF they had sneaked it, it would have certainly been deserved on the day


i would agree that any teams that wins, deserves to win it on the day (for some reason i can hear johnny giles saying that).

has any team come closer than this mayo team though?

although it was said for this year, i feel that 2017 is really make or break for them - all things being equal they will be lining up against kerry in the semi final. We’ll find out then. If they lose that they’re gone for a few years.


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