All Ireland SFC Final, Dublin v Mayo, Croke Park, September 18th 2016


you win a Mayo jersey signed by AOS for 5000th post :grin:


Always hoped to see Mayo win an All Ireland if we couldn’t. But it’s not at the stage that I almost hope that they never win. Because if they do every Mayo person wiil become an alcoholic and celebrate themselves to a quick death. It’s not worth that!


Would come in handy for when the jacks roll runs out!


Maybe it time to lock down this thread … I’d suggest that a high number of the posts are not directly about the Final (or replay) anyway!

We won Sam, maybe it’s time to move on?


This hombre speaks the truth. Lock and go lads, lock and go.


Wait … wait … should we not discuss whether Lee should have got a black card before we lock this baby up?


Or discuss how to kidnap him the next time he is in Dublin and naturalise him so he ends up playing for a team consumerate with his talent


Good thinking B. Now how could we get him up here? I have it! How about we fix it so that he gets player of the year!! :smirk:


Is the Spar in Marino hiring? :wink:


The Mayo intellectual is having his say on Newstalk.


Just tell him it’s the most sure-fire way of getting his hands on a Celtic Cross or two. It’s not like you’d be lying to the chap.


No, but Parnells might…


Two words that should never appear in the same sentence together. :laughing:


Heard a rumour Leeroy is Dublin bound…


What a pile of pish of an interview. Who was that Ger Gilroy? Looks very like the Despicable Me character Gru.


I heard Cillian is moving to Dublin and opening a crèche.

No sorry - he’s taking up a place in a crèche …


He’s camped outside Croker, and has said he’s going to hold his breath until they give him a Celtic Cross. If that doesn’t work he’s going to scream and scream until they do.


I thought that was Gooch in photo :):joy:


Going to lock this baby up.

If the Indo continue their anti-Mayo crusade, we can start a new thread or follow on in the Indo thread over in General GAA News.