All-Ireland SFC Final Replay, Dublin v Kerry, Croke Park, Saturday 14th September 2019, 6pm

Best of luck dubs(again) hope ye beat that shower by a cricket score🙌🏻

Enjoy the occasion regardless but don’t get too langers tomorrow night. There’s a 50,000+ LGFA attendance record waiting to be smashed on Sunday. Yere the envy of us all with 2 teams in all Ireland finals 2 days in a row so show the ladies here support just like ye show the lads. All those ladies teams put a lot in and deserve the recognition if they achieve the 3 in a row. Happy weekend lads :+1:t3:



And then, he turned the yerra on itself, and it disappeared into a tiny black hole, from whence can only be heard a faint yelping-like sound


Have to say , was worst experience at a final from the past 9 years . Seats , supporters, etc . The usual heads you’d see around you weren’t there . Randomers all the way . Coupled with this jackass behind us . Praying for some thing better tomorrow. And the result obviously…


Come up and say hello to section 405, I take no prisoners :metal:

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Saw somewhere today (it might even have been here) that in the last 4 all Ireland final replays, football and hurling, the MOTM award has gone to someone that didn’t start in the actual final. Something to consider for those of you making a trip to the bookies in the morning.

Imagine what it must be like for the players.

Nerves. Fear. Expectation from themselves, manager, teammates, fans…family and friends watching on. Never mind the millions tuning in to tv and radio.

I find it fascinating

Mike Tyson listened to Sam Cooke before a fight.

His challenger would be in the ring getting ready for the fight of his life, and he’d be in the changing room listening to a change is gonna come.

Tyson said he’d fear his opponents before a fight…even dreamt of losing…but as ‘I approached the ring I get more confident. Once I’m in the ring I’m a god. No one can beat me’

Nearest I heard to that was from Jack McC…’when we cross that white line we’re going to kill you’.

Maybe that’s why he looked so animated getting off the team bus.


The man walks around Dublin as if he wasn’t a massive bloody failure. The way he goes on you’d think he had the record Gavin has. Never have and never will have any time for pillar.


The man is obviously made from something special. Gotta love his bounding, smiling attitude in the parade and, since a fortnight ago, his electrically charged headphones! A joy to watch.

Oisín McConville (on the Second Captain’s podcast) seemed equally impressed & even a little in awe of Jack Mc’s breezy attitude in the parade. Even seemed to be wondering why the fook he couldn’t allow himself to enjoy that experience back in his Armagh days :grin:

Btw, dunno if you got to read the Gilroy article. Seems he never was a candidate for the big gig with the GAA, even though IIRC Joe Brolly was championing his candidature & lamenting the missed opportunity when Gilroy didn’t get the job - that he was never in for!

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I know a lad who nurses in the Lourdes. Says Jack was the best doc they ever had.

He’s a legend of a man and not a bad footballer either.


Yeah I read that.

Never realised he was as well travelled with the biomass plants.

I couldn’t imagine him taking a high profile role…strikes me as a private person.

I saw him in 2014. (I think). He was walking with his son into CP. Not exactly a claim to fame. But at the time thinking it strange only a few years before he was waking in with the team as manager.

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A gent of a man

Don’t forget when he was caught on camera pissed as a fart at one of the winners banquets a couple of years ago . He’s a young lad , living his best life . Let’s not forget he’s a former young player of the year , footballer of the year and he’s still only 25 . Took a year out to progress his professional life . And not a week ago was giddy as a child getting off the team bus and put in one of the finest performances you’ll see in a final. I was annoyed it wasn’t complimented with a winners medal . This kid probably sees stuff on a daily basis none of us could handle or have to deal with. And yet plays a sport he loves with such joy and relish . Besides Connolly , he’s the only other player on the Dublin team when he gets the ball , you think some thing special is on the cards . Legend.


Should see him in coppers at 6am after a match :joy:


Something Witty

A sight to behold :joy::joy:. Bleeding Nuclear , goes for a mirco sleeps for 15mins then BOOM goes full tilt again :joy::joy::joy:

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One more to go!


Needed a vid compilation for Kerry but ■■■■ it , this will get you in the mood , hit full screen & whack up the volume !


The Singapore :eagle: has landed …

Dubs 2-16 …
The guardians - 1-17

Rmbr where u heard it first :upside_down_face:


Was waiting for your prediction @SingaporeDub
If I remember correctly you got '11 final right !