All Ireland SHC Preliminary QF , Laois vs Dublin, O'Moore Park, Portlaoise, Sunday July 7th, 4.15pm

Two hopes I’d reckon. One is Bob Hope…

Yeah. Paddy Purcell is a good MF. Someone like Connolly would be the man to put a hault to his step.

They’ve a great free taker in Mark Kavanagh. Hopefully we don’t have a pernickety ref, as I can only see frees keeping them in it. So need to be disciplined.

Kavanagh is a very mobile forward. He and Ross King will need watching. But that said neither they or any of their forwards should have the beating of our back 6.

Dubs by 7+

Pretty sure TG4 have the rights to the lower their stuff, but not this.

Tickets are up for sale already on gaa tickets. ie
25 euros

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Tickets booked.

Feck the gallop back. O’Loughlin’s Hotel was only 69 euros for a double room.

Looking forward to this now


Dublin by 15/20+ for me

It would need to be up there in my view. You can’t scrape home against Laois and hope to beat Tipp. Having said that, I had the same view versus Antrim in 2010, and that didn’t exactly go to plan. Now that was a bad day!


Booked tickets myself. Standard post the only option for delivery was that the same for you? Would have thought the option to print them ourselves would have been there

Declan Feeney, NaF senior manager is quoted in the Herald as saying that Kenny might be looking at putting Ryan back in and while that might be tough on Oisín O’ Rorke it may be something Kenny is looking at.

If Kenny doesn’t have O’Rorke as almost the first name on the team sheet then we may forget about him learning lessons or indeed doing anything more in the championship.

It’s a decoy.

I hope

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Maybe both will play?

Any injury updates since the Galway game? Any challenge matches played over the last few weeks?

No reason they can’t in my view. O Rourke can’t be dropped after the last day and Ryan shouldn’t be dropped after good performances against Wexford and Carlow.

I would put Boland to midfield instead of Treacy and play both guys in the forwards.

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That’s fine. But the suggestion that O’Rorke be dropped is remarkable, especially from another manager.

Be easier if the papers just took quotes from here

Croker. Good. Would have been tougher in Thurles or anywhere in Munster.

Kilkenny would of been the best place for it but defo beats going to Munster. With the footballers out sat it could badly affect the Dublin crowd on Sunday.

They could have done a simple switch and have two Dublin games together.

So much for the GAA always favouring us.