All Ireland SHC Round 2, Dublin v Tipperary, Saturday 8th July, 5pm


With all due respect you could add 5 to that list . We just aren’t up to it . Technical skill deficiency evident .


Nobody else hitting puckouts to Tipp men, he’s done it every game this year. Take him out of the equation and cut down the ridiculous wide count and were right in it


Full forward line causing the problems every time they get it, rushe actually winning a bit of ball, but the goal keeper, fb line and Cunningham have let us down badly. If an outfielder plays that badly they come off, Dooley has to come off.


But…but Ger is a genius goalkeeping coach…so is yer man Herrity… :scream:


Commentators wondering why we can’t finish. I could tell them.


4-11 to 1-10 at least 3 goals which were avoidable we’ve hit double figure wides and missed about 2 goal chances, frustrating


Glad I’m away based on what I’m reading.

Persisting with Dooley is blockheadedness in extremis.


It’d make u want scream / cry / want to steangle someone watching this. We’ve competed which is down to the heart and fight within the players on the pitch for Dublin. The lack of gameplan added to a guy in goals that shouldn’t be there is killing us. Again & again the same thing


Have to disagree, some lads letting us down badly out there, 5/10 yards off players out of pure lack of concentration


Never nice to single lads out but Dooley’s puck outs have cost us 6 points and more every game. There is no logical explanation how this absolute shite still goes beyond the very first day it happened in the league. We played Brigids earlier and Alan Nolan was hitting puck outs that our forwards could only dream of out there. Fucken joke


The mad goals are killing us. We’ve had as much of the play and more chances than Tipp. Don’t think Tipp hit a wide in first half. Think we are competing whatever about anything else.


Hang on ridiculous wide count exists at minor / u21 and senior . We have nobody to catch the ball . May as well hit it off the gable wall


Rather lose a puc out 100 yards from our goal then 20


So the answer is puck it to the opposition or out over the sideline is it? It’s disgraceful. If you at least drive the ball down on the other 45 there’s no immediate goal threat.


Off to work. Hopefully by shift end this reign of Cunningham will be over and someone will have the balls to ring Joe Fortune/Mattie Kenny and plead with them to get this back in order…I’d happily take the win tonight too though with a comeback.


What’s disgraceful is character assassinating a player on social media . Cop yourself on . The shite I’m watching here is the same shit I’ve been watching for 6 months
The game was lost before a ball was pucked


No other county from Antrim to Kerry would concede like that. It’s hurting but at least in 35 minutes this management team will be gone. But our muppet county board could get in something worse.


Your some man put me on ignore like you promised before your a melter


We’ve given up all over the pitch. This is going to be massive hiding to see the bould Ger off.


Our lads may as well not be on the pitch. Embarrassing. May as well just concede the game and go home, Ger Cunningham, kindly ■■■■ off