All Ireland SHC Round 2, Dublin v Tipperary, Saturday 8th July, 5pm


If there’s any decency in Cunningham he’ll resign after the game, apologise and then fcuk right off the rest of the way down the M8.


Another 30 mins to go , 20 points down …


Done a long time ago . Learn some proper English too you muppet


Pride,drive,commitment,intensity and most importantly of all,honesty,all gone. Feel so sorry for the lads busting a gut out there but there are too many passengers out there as well. The political chicanery is at its zenith . That’s what happens when your outside managers are bought and sold in the backrooms of power. 4 seasons of shite. Millions invested. This is the result . And still the anti Dublin brigade who infiltrate this forum with their pro country agenda would have you believe that the only way to solve this is to give the managers job to another outsider. The arrogance and patronising from these clowns is pathetic. Sure what would a dub know about top level hurling anyway? More than ye think. Better than this shite anyway.


Players have given up . It’s a work to rule on the pitch . Sad way for Dotsy to finish




5-23 to 1-15


6-26 to 1-19


Big thank you to the manager and the players for the embarrassment they have cause to the few of us who bother our holes supporting them. Regret coming, they didn’t deserve my support today.


Jesus lads…


Tipperary 6-26 Dublin 1-19

Just reading that scoreline is soul destroying for anyone involved in hurling in Dublin. To see how far we have fallen since 2013 is the gut wrenching thing. We as a county and those players are better than this. Lads who did not play up to standards will have to live with that but I hate to say I told you so or sound like I am gloating as i certainly am not, but tonight’s result and performance was the natural conclusion to what has been coming over the past three years. I though the optimism on here was very misplaced. No plan, no passion and not having our best players togging out has been a constant problem.

Players have to shoulder responsibility collectively as do DCB but the management team must face up to a disastrous period in charge of Dublin Hurling.

Were just going to have to live with this beating for a while and regroup over the long winter thank god were in Div 1B to rebuild again.


Please God we get the resignation asap … and not have to wait until the new year to scout a new manager.


This casts the ‘blooding young players’ in a different light!


In 3 years we have had under Cunningham we have played 29 won 12 lost 16. Culminating in leaguer relegation this season.

In championship it’s played 11 won 4 lost 6. 2 of the 4 wins were against Laois. In those 11 games we conceded 19 goals. .

Interestingly each season was worse than the previous. No reason whatsoever to keep him on…

Finally as pointed out earlier by another poster, if it’s dotsys last season he really did not deserve to bow out this way. So hopefully he’s another year in him.


So ger goes.
Who comes in?


Check out @HurlingFacts’s Tweet:


Jesus Christ


That’s embarrassing and sad.


Need to get Matty Kenny

GC was a unprecedented Disaster


Has Ger resigned yet???