All Ireland SHC Round 2, Dublin v Tipperary, Saturday 8th July, 5pm


Anthony Cunningham ?? Record is not too but I know a lot of people think he’s a bit of a spoofer. Nicky English would be ideal IMO ??


How is a guy who was within 20 minutes of an all Ireland with Galway and trained Garrycastle in football to an all Ireland replayed club final a spoofer?
Nobody gets that lucky ! I’d expect 3-4 more retirements after yesterday as well


Not a chance, too much baggage…


Don’t they all


Seem to remember he parachuted the two boys in for Carlow game, think this was what lost Shay a bit of respect from some of the panel.


He was under pressure to do it though . He hasn’t a hope anyway.


See they took it just as quick. Absolutely Disgusting.


Cannot believe that at just gone 1 on the day after the night before that he hasn’t 1) apologised 2) stepped down. God almighty


Yep, remember that, was Pillar over the footballers and told Shay to use or loose them?


It was pat gilroy


I think out of both groups they are better placed to get the right person.


Don’t know where some people are getting the idea that Cunningham is a nice guy just not very good at managing our hurling team. As pointed out by Mick Carton the atmosphere has been toxic within the senior hurling setup since Cunningham took over. He has treated players who gave great service and achieved a level of success not seen in Dublin for decades like sh1t. He has shown himself to be utterly clueless tactically & team selection and incapable of getting decent / consistent level of performance out of any player. He has fk all charisma never mind being able to lead & motivate players of different personalities and types.

A lot of this stuff was known before we took him on. Was absolutely known within Dublin circles at end of year 1 and even moreso at end year 2 here. Yet the DCB allowed this clown continue and to do very serious damage. Unbelievably the fkr still hasn’t resigned and is ‘reflecting’ on last nights ‘disappointing’ performance. The man has no shame. Unfortunately there is fk all leadership in Dublin hurling so every chance this could run for the next 6 months. Wouldnt rule out either the DCB giving him another year. If that happens Shanley and Costello need to fk off too.


I agree but maybe there just a bit jealous of successful props over there. I’d have no hesitation in getting him


Agree 100% with Hill16Blues. Cunningham has almost no saving graces. A surplus of ego and ignorance over actual managerial ability or caring. A lot of people are very upset by him. Players directly on the pane in the past were treated abysmally. All of us who have invested in Dublin hurling could hardly feel worse about the Seniors at the moment. Its very sad that players have been left with a sour feeling after years of commitment. He has demonstrated NONE of the necessary qualities or skills necessary. The DCB has watched while this, obviously inappropriate manager, dragged this out for 3 years to what was the single worst championship performance by Dublin in my living memory. And not for one second would I consider anyone responsible except Cunningham and the people who selected him and persisted with supporting him when anyone with a grain of insight into hurling knew how bad he was.


I spoke with a couple of the players this morning who told me that Cunningham said his goodbyes to the lads last night,it’s over.


The players picked him Don. That’s a fact .


Probably be an internal appointment for stability . But it’s a five year rebuild job . We are nowhere near capable of even beating a poor mans Kilkenny even with all personnel .


We need more than that. The three issues you identified earlier need to be addressed. To me, the giant elephant in the room is dual players on development squads. Lads should have to choose one or the other, at 16. We have proven beyond any scintilla of doubt, that what we are doing is failing hurling.


Agreed . but will they address that .


I have no faith in them.