All Ireland SHC Round 2, Dublin v Tipperary, Saturday 8th July, 5pm


That’s the mentality of our country cousins when it comes to this game and we continually give them ammo and the upper hand by appointing outside mercenary managers who take the job for the money. We put our hands up and say to all the the other hurling counties we have no men of any substance to lead our senior hurling team. No wonder they laugh at us and take the piss. I’ve been talking about this for a while now and we still have clowns on here calling for career country managers to come in and give us a leg up. Pathetic.


It’s not pathetic . You only have to look at the skills deficiencies in our players . We need outside help because if we were that good at coaching our players would be better
Look at Cork today - could you ever see a Dublin team play like that . Clare won the 2013 AI - their loss of form since seriously calls into question how good Dublin were that year. A Clare win today might just offer the hope that year wasn’t just the fluke it increasingly looks like now


LR…why do you confuse Managers and Coaches? They have massively different roles to play. A manager manages the team of players and those who work with or for the team. The coach ensures the individual players have the required skills to play the game and works to keep those skills sharp.


I’d love to see who trains our underage forwards… I mean we can’t seem to produce even one corner forward a top county would want. Something in the system absolutely sucks at this point


I somewhat agree. However, since GC reign, I fancied our chances against Cork. They have stepped up big time over the last few months. This years championship is wide open. Kilkenny gone and in decline, Waterford not at 100% Tipp not at 100%, Wexford ahead of us this year ect… If we had the full commitment from everyone, I’m not saying we’d win an All Ireland but we certainly wouldn’t be in the state we are in now?? Yes we struggle to find natural forwards and always have. For what ever reason GC turned his back on nearly all of our experienced players. I cannot understand why he persisted with (and I HATE to single out any player that puts in the massive effort for our county) Dooley in goal for instance. Dooley was obviously asked to try to play in goal for whatever reason and who wouldn’t turn down the chance of playing for your county if asked? IMO this was a huge mistake especially coming from a former All Star keeper?? Alan Nolan discarded and by the looks of it so was Gary McGuire… That’s just ONE position! A blend of youth and experience is the key for any team. Older lads teaching the youth the tricks of the trade ect… Cork deserved their win today but Clare weren’t too far off the mark considering the chances they had and the break from competitive games… County board were laughable complaining about playing Tipp in Thurlas and then playing a round of league games from Division 1 to 4 on Saturday evening… Speakes volumes about their commitment to the small ball in our county… The biggest task for the next manager will be to try to sort out the mess that was left behind by the previous manager/county board… That’s presuming the current managers time is up…


Oh, happy days…


Carton, Kelly, McCaffery, Boldan, Lambert, Durkin could all contribute to the panel, on and off the pitch, on top of that the younger lads like Schuttes, Danny and Plunkett

Do take the point on forwards, closet we have is probably O’Sullivan at the moment?

If we had a full deck performing we could definitely compete. This isn’t a rebuild because realistically we didn’t start off in a fantastic spot in the first place.


Too depressed to post much.
Looked at the programme and our qualifier results down the years had some stand out horror shows, Clare in 02 always stood out for the massive defeat and loughnane laughing during it on the RTÉ platform beside me.
The Kilkenny destruction in 04 was actually a higher defeat but yesterday…
That was the worst. The next worst was I think a wallop by cork on a Saturday afternoon in the nell, but this was off the scale.
We shot ourselves in the foot both during the game with three gifted goals and beforehand with all the stuff with Cunningham.
6-26 is the worst in my lifetime I think what is amazing is we scored 1-19, the only reposte I had today to the locals. If we are such a shambles and can post that against tipp they won’t be going much further.
Course they’ll draw Wexford the lucky sods.


It is a good point re Dooley, players get associated with managers and then take the abuse that the manager should be getting. Dooley is a very good player, seriously good, but he is possibly not our best for that position. But it seems with Cunningham that once he nails his colours to the mast on something, he does not change it. regardless of the evidence against it.

The next manager should pick the best players we have, regardless of age or profile. If the lad is the best for the position, pick him. If he is the best but has issues committing, sort out the issues and get him involved. That is what managing is, any eejit can pick a team, a good manager can make a team. If we pick our best 15, we will be hard to beat. Not unbeatable of course, but we will be a damn sight better then we are now.

This thread will probably now get sucked into the ‘what is wrong with Dublin hurling’ stuff, and ‘sure we are not good enough anyway’ stuff. But that is a different conversation, and totally based on perspective. If we are a top 6 team, and I think we can be, I for one am happy enough. Sure we can be better, and hopefully will be, but if this discussion morphs into ‘we haven’t the hurlers anyway’, that is letting Cunningham and the DCC off the hook. One or two here (not yourself Camam, sorry I am hijacking the answer to rant), would have you believe you don’t know anything about hurling if you don’t know how s***e we are. But good, is relative, top six is fine for me.


I’m sorry I just don’t agree. It’s a complete rebuild job. Peter Kelly isn’t even operating at club level. Joey hasn’t the pace anymore- would he realistically get in ahead of Crummy, Rushe, Durkin or Barrett - I don’t think so myself.
I’d add Mc Caffrey to that. I don’t think Lambert would be in the top 20 anymore either. In terms of technical skill I think plunkett is off the pace too.
The Schutte’s, Danny and Durkin would be a good start. But there isn’t any indication of Danny coming back . If he leaves it much longer he can forget about it at this level realistically.
A solid goalkeeping option as well is required. For me Maguire has always been our number one. Nolan/Tracey for number two for the time being.
Ultimately the only aim next year is promotion. I still believe 1A is the only place to be.


Kelly not line out with Lucan yesterday?

Id agree with Joey not getting in ahead of the lads currently there but we’ve a serious lack of experience at the moment, in the first half that was evident.

We need to bring in some experience.
Is Danny even in America?


Absolutely agreed on the experience. But the guys I’d be looking for are Durkin, Schutte’s and Danny.

With the likes of Paul Ryan in the mix too. I don’t think the others would be starting and I don’t see the point in bringing back lads in their 30’s to sit on the bench.

Maybe Dotsy as an option as a selector maybe.


Danny is in America but will be beck next year. Whether he is up to it or not that will be the question but for me he will 100 per cent be. Colm Cronin, Shutte (who I can’t see coming back), Paul Ryan, Durkin, Paul Shutte, Nolan and Kelly when fit will all add along with some more. I’m more annoyed at the minute that after the calamity that was there is no resignation/sacking.


We are not in the business of sacking managers. A public sacking does nothing in terms of getting a new manager. It will be handled quietly over the next few weeks. It’s already done.


I’d be seriously wound up if there isn’t a statement released in the morning, thanking him and the usual PR spin.


Kelly came on as a blood sub but went back off. He’s clearly no where near being fit.

Fair play to Duignan and Dalo highlighting the mess and also pulling the county board up about playing the league games last night.


Won’t be tomorrow morning mate. The county board have to meet first.


Anyone just see the Sunday game? There is 7/8 lads that could have made some sort of a difference there. Lads in their late 20’s early 30’s.


Lone, when you say a complete rebuild job - who would you pick?

Let’s face it we have to put out a team next spring, who would be the best 15/25 we have for that team? Let’s just assume whoever the manager is isn’t an issue, I’m just wondering who you believe to be available.


Match is over. Close thread