All Ireland SHC Round 2, Dublin v Tipperary, Saturday 8th July, 5pm




No the sentiment is right just probably with his employment he is likely to try to be building from the ground with Limerick so even a short term stint is unlikely.

It may sound sad of me but watching the Sunday game was interesting, Dalo seemed too upset to comment and gutted at what has become of his adopted team, Cunningham’s interview was all a shrug of the shoulders and even a nervous smile as he talked about us being blitzed. Passion is a major thing and I just think Cunningham didn’t bring it and never got the players going. What ever about coaching or tactical skill you have to be able to get the players behind you.

Looking back at the game we had no leadership or work rate when things started going wrong, For the last 15 minutes the players were just dialling it in and wanted the game to be over. The comments of Michael Ryan afterwards that the game “It’s not the real deal” while accurate should hurt. I think Liam Rush as captain going forward may be a problem. Good hurler and the best we may have but when half the team walks away and he still backs the management team and says everything is rosy it makes me wonder can he lead this team going forward.

From the last three years we have big problems confidence among some players especially the younger lads will be on the floor and i don’t think its a case of lads who opted out just walking back in and the lads who stuck around being happy with it. Its going to to take a big guy put it all back together. I don’t think we’ll just bounce right back. Being in 1B is a help next year but no guarantee.

For the lads that walked away or opted for football if there appears to be a long road ahead for the hurlers they just may stay away.


Excellent points. I agree on the Rushe thing too, but then again he was in a difficult position and is only a young lad so I wouldn’t be too critical of any stance he took. I would have a slightly bigger problem with the Ryan O Dwyer comment where he was criticising guys for leaving the panel (which was ironic in his case), but then again he isn’t a good interviewee at the best of times, so leeway should be given I suppose.

With a decent manager we will be ok, if some guys come back and the younger guys will get older (obviously says everyone!) we can get back to div 1 and get an ok run in the championship. It looks to me as if we have lost in a bit in the strength and conditioning aspect from the Daly days. That team at the weekend could never have competed because they were always going to be bet to the ball in key areas, because they weren’t strong enough.

Who the next manager is, won’t concern me hugely. It’s an interesting debate, but no one knows how it is going to go until he is well into it anyway. 8 or 9 months into Cunningham I thought he was doing well, and then the wheels fell off. Daly is mentioned above, and as a unifying force he could be good. But I don’t think being a hurling manager is rocket science, so I think there is a decent list of guys who could do it well. We were unfortunate in that we got landed with the one who couldn’t. Although in fairness to the guy, he probably (hopefully) learned from it and would do it completely different the next time.


Funnily enough, Martin Kennedy used to look after that and was key to the league win in 2011. Guess where he went after that…


Personally I’m not sure Rushe is the best 6 we have anymore


Our gallant football team robbed him.


Did the Ross O’Carroll Kellys not steal him off the footballers a while back?


None of the big 3 are a fit in terms of managers . They would expect a certain level of technical skill and we don’t have it.

Someone like Sheedy again is the wrong fit. Daly understood where we were coming from . A manager from cork , Tipperary or Kilkenny would never get that

Mattie Kenny would be my choice because he knows the game in the county and has the track record


The IRFU :wink:

I agree about people saying about Rushe not being the best centre back. If you’ve a runner on him that will drag him out of the middle he’s in trouble.


Wasn’t the IRFU. It was our own gang with the big ball.


Yeah I know and I’m joking but in fairness he was with Jim and the 21’s and the ladies footballers before the hurlers.

Martin is a sound fella and an excellent coach.


Both teams wanted it over, I remember one of our scores came from a lad in about 20m space, tipp lad just standing watching, couldn’t give a rats.

That said, bad as we were, we put 1-19 on them, and ought to have got 3-19. My neighbours needent be worrying about their once in a blue fucking moon all Ireland tickets.


Sheedy wouldn’t do it without firm guarantees from the DCB on having exclusive call on players.
Nicky English is doing development work but that’s it.
I have a funny feeling we could get the Galway Cunningham. He wouldn’t mind being fucked about.


In fairness the lad wanted to play for Dublin still, he wasnt really going to destroy the management team and then expect to be playing the next day. Best thing for him is to say ‘ye all’s good, we are happy etc etc’…
Still might not be captain in the future, just saying it probably shouldn’t be for that reason that he is doubted.


You can’t blame him for backing the manager . He was the captain . What was he supposed to do


100% agree. I hope there isn’t going to be a witch hunt here for some players that stayed on and tried their best in difficult circumstances. Walking away is the easier option. Rushie never hid, played where ever he was put and tried to be positive the whole time. Its a players job to play and thats what he did.


Love this!!!


That’s funny right enough, but I think Duignan is a bit mental a lot of the time. My Da is also in the same age bracket as his, and also mad about the hurling. But he had to go to Semple to see the Dublin Tipp game as it wasn’t on TV at all. Likewise a lot of other good games at the weekend (Meath V Armagh in the football) would have been great viewing on TV, but they can’t show them all.


Would he not just get him a dodgy box and he watch all the games he wants


Duignan is dead right - fair play to him. He cut the head off Dick in a subsequent tweet …